Woman pulling the skin next to her armpits against a gray background.

You know them well. Those rolls of that spill out of your bra and the folds on your neck and belly can make you feel less confident. Regardless of where you have them, skin folds, although not uncommon, can sometimes affect your . Here are a few ways to accept and embrace them so you look and, more importantly, feel your best.

1. Know Your Silhouette

Whether or not you have skin folds, the first thing to consider when choosing an outfit is your . Keep in mind that this doesn’t refer to being skinny or plus-size. Rather, it's about identifying your silhouette and dressing to flatter your proportions.

If you have belly rolls, you’ll want to balance your look by wearing bottoms that lengthen your legs, like wide-leg pants. Avoid wearing mid- or low-rise anything since these can pinch at your stomach and make your rolls “overflow.” A high-waisted pair of slacks with a flat front (read: no ruching) is the way to go.

2. Choose The Right Underwear

Your knickers can make or break your look. Invest in a good pair of underwear that will accentuate your features and help smoothen tummy folds to give you a more polished look. In addition to giving your clothes a seamless canvas, quality shapewear should make you feel comfortable.

The right bra will give you the lift and support you need. It will also make a clearer distinction between your tummy and upper torso, emphasizing shapes otherwise hidden by skin folds. Make sure to get the correct size, too. A mistake in cup size can result in pushing your side boob or further out, which doesn’t sound too comfortable either.

In terms of color, nude is a safe shade, but you’ll be better off in that sexy black lace set you’ve been eyeing if you plan on wearing your tonight. Skin folds shouldn’t get in the way of being adventurous!

3. Show Off Your Shape

Wear clothes that fit your body and hang properly without looking too loose or oversized (another look you can pull off, but we’ll get to that later). You might be about your skin folds now, but a perfectly tailored suit will make you look sharp and confident in your body.

To flaunt your curves, choose relaxed, roomy silhouettes that allow for movement and give you effortless style without looking sloppy. A wrap dress looks great on any body type and will look flattering on anyone who wishes to minimize the appearance of belly rolls. Choose a V-neck style to draw attention to your more-blessed-than-the-rest feature to make skin folds less noticeable.

Complete your look with healthy, glowing skin. Use Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Lotion Flawless Glow with Hyaluron and GlutaGlow technology that is 10x more powerful than Vitamin C so you can dare to bare your skin folds.

4. Accessorize Strategically

Neck folds might make wearing necklaces challenging, but that shouldn’t mean you have to do away with the bling. Longer chains that sit above or on the bust will look elegant with high necklines and evening wear. are also good ways to accessorize and take any look from drab to fab.

Invest in a leather or statement belt to cinch your waist, and wear a good pair of shoes, so you like a million bucks in a jeans-and-T-shirt ensemble.

On top of these, make sure your crowning glory is in good shape. Use Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Fresh Hair Clarify with 100% botanical oil and white tea blossom extract. It deep cleanses your hair for a fresh and polished look that complements any OOTD.

5. Learn How to Highlight and Contour

Along with giving yourself a fashion boost, revamp your by learning to enhance your features. You can use a darker shade of foundation or a bronzer to add definition to your cheekbones and jawline.

On the other hand, you can use a highlighter to draw attention to your (and away from skin folds). You can also brush a powder highlighter on your shoulders and shins to give off the illusion of length.

6. Treat Yourself

A healthy body image includes treating yourself in ways that celebrate your body. Forget about skin folds for a while and do something nice for yourself. Take a nap. Satisfy your craving for sashimi. Rock out to your favorite song. Go hiking. Some self-appreciation can help you forget about rolls and remind you of what your body can do.

Something as simple as can lift your spirits. For an invigorating experience, use Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash, which has fresh cucumber and green tea extracts to leave skin soft, hydrated, and smelling clean.

Think you can ? Cop that top. Skin folds in your underarms got you hiding behind long sleeves? Bare it all in a razorback tank.

Embracing your skin folds doesn’t mean letting go of yourself. You can show your body some love without falling into unhealthy habits. It will take time, but paying attention to your body and what makes it look and feel good will get you there.