Asian mom and child wearing white robes and holding cucumber slices

It’s not every day that we get to spend time bonding with family, which is why you should make it extra special when you get the chance. Not only does this quality time create good vibes among members, but it’s also proven to have positive effects on one’s health. As cited from The Scientific World Journal, , relaxing at home with family gives you a chance to revitalize your mind and body.

For those who can’t go out, you can still enjoy bonding with family at home. For example, you don't need to book a fancy wellness retreat to reap the benefits of a spa day! Recreate the spa experience inside your home with these five easy steps.

Play Music to Set the Mood

The Journal of Positive Psychology states that music plays a key role in wellness. Different kinds of music can trigger different feelings. For your home spa experience, you might want to play some slow, relaxing music. A slower tempo can calm your mind and relax your muscles, and think only of soothing, happy thoughts. Create a playlist on your music streaming service of choice and connect your phone to a speaker. 

Make Soothing Beverages

Chamomile tea is a caffeine-free, low-acid tea that is suitable for every member of the family. The flavor of choice at spas, this tea helps with relaxation and reducing inflammation in the body. It calms the tummy, boosts immunity, and improves sleep quality. Add ginger, lemon, rosemary, and honey to the tea to flavor and add more benefits. Infused water is another drink that can complement your spa experience. It’s simply water that contains more vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables such as lemon, orange, cucumber, and mint. 

Revitalize Weary Locks with an At-Home Hair Spa

Your home spa is yours to customize, so go ahead and add the spa treatments that your family needs! You can recreate a hair spa experience at home using a deep-conditioning mask. Help apply the hair mask on Mom’s hair, and let it seep into your hair strands while you sip on your tea.

Try TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Smoothing Mask, a conditioning hair mask that delivers 10 salon benefits in one wash. The formula contains KERA10 Protein Complex that penetrates hair 10 layers deep. You might also want to consider massaging your scalp for 15 minutes to help relieve stress and reduce tension, as published by a study in the journal Physical Therapy Science. 

Pamper Tired Hands and Feet with a Scrub!

One thing we love about the spa experience is how the treatments can leave your skin glowing. So, why add a scrub to go along with your hand and foot massage?

Prepare basins with warm water to soak your feet in before massaging them with body polish. As Harvard Medical School notes, this helps improve circulation, stimulate muscles, and reduce tension. Then, finish things off by applying some lotion. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion has pure aloe vera extract and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that will moisturize your skin.

Invigorate Your Senses in the Shower

Once your treatments are complete, you’ll need to take a shower to remove any product residue. Immerse yourself in the shower experience adding sensorial elements. You can try tying eucalyptus leaves to your shower head for aromatherapy. Before you know it, you’ll be enveloped in warm steam and the relaxing scent of eucalyptus. Take your time in the shower and emerge feeling lighter and happier, as discovered in a study by Austin Massage Academy.

After showering, prolong the relaxing sensation with Rexona 3-in-1 Deo Powder Peppermint Cool. Protect yourself from odor and sweat by applying this 3-in-1 product to your underarms, back, and feet. And because it contains peppermint, it also makes you feel fresher and more relaxed throughout the day.

What are you waiting for? Turn your bonding, quality time with your family into a home spa day with these five activities!