Woman squats in front of her laptop

The derriere is enjoying its time in the spotlight, with celebrities and influencers flaunting their perfectly shaped bums on social media. It’s given the peach emoji an exciting new life and prompted even the least fitness-oriented people to try booty workouts. However, it takes more than just exercise to achieve a shapely bum. You must be smart about it, too. 

The gluteus maximus, a.k.a. your booty, is one of the biggest muscles in the body and is flanked and enhanced by the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. They contribute to your overall strength, help you sit and stand, or do physical activities such as running, walking, jumping, and hiking. Despite these muscles' size and importance, they are often underused and inactive. 

Here are some tips on maximizing your booty workouts and getting the backside you’ve always wanted.

Add Booty Workouts to Your Routine

Never skip booty activation workouts if you want to get the most from them. These include squats, lunges, bridges, and kicks. These workouts will help engage your glute muscles, helping you achieve the shape you want for your derriere.

Do Deep Squats

Deep squats are beneficial for the flexibility of the joints and the strengthening of the lower body muscles – including the glutes. By squatting deep – where your hips dip below your knees – you are doubling the efforts required from your glute muscles as you stand up. Keep doing this and you’ll have strong glutes in no time!

Add Weights

Challenge yourself by adding weights to your regular booty workouts. Grab a kettlebell, a set of dumbbells, or ankle weights, or get your resistance band for a more rounded – pun intended – butt exercise. The weights can make any booty workout more effective and intense, moving you beyond an exercise plateau.

Eat for Muscle

Always remember that diet plays a significant role in getting fit. Incorporate protein, healthy fats, carbs, and micronutrients into your diet. are a good source of micronutrients that are also considered healthy fats. Consult a nutritionist or dietician for advice on what to eat to support a booty workout.

Pace Yourself

Too frequent or intense exercising can leave you feeling drained or cause an injury. Know your body and listen to it when it tells you to slow down and rest. If you want to increase the intensity of your workouts, do so gradually. Soreness is normal after a workout. However, talk to your doctor about any chronic pain that impedes normal functions. Allow yourself time to heal and recover before going back to the grind.

Don’t Skip Self-Care

Speaking of recovering, showering or can help your muscles recover. Now is the time to relax and give back to your body. Use Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash, which has exfoliating beads that make skin feel clean, smooth, and nourished.

Meanwhile, apply Rexona Powder Dry Roll-on for 72 hours of protection with every move. Use it on your recovery days, too! It brightens the underarms and leaves a clean, powdery scent, so nothing can stop you from going all out in achieving your booty goals.

Be Patient

As with most things, achieving the booty that you want takes time. If you are unsure about the exercises you’ve been doing, consult with a certified personal trainer. There are no instant results, but with a proper booty workout routine, a targeted diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a dedicated mindset, you can achieve a stronger, shapelier butt