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Everybody deserves the occasional treat, but not everyone may have the budget for something extravagant. That’s okay. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive or exclusive – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here are some budget-friendly luxuries you can treat yourself to any time you want.

1. Using Quality Makeup Tools

Crummy sponges and brushes? So not luxurious. You don’t need a $500 kabuki brush to feel beautiful. Just make sure the one you have suits the job. Plenty of budget-friendly makeup tools on the market pass the luxury test – soft, compact, good tactile feel, and durable. Get different ones for foundation, eyeshadow, blush, highlight, and powder. Make sure to every week to maintain their quality and keep them feeling plush.

2. A Spritz of Your Favorite Scent

If you want to look and feel elegant and put-together (especially when you’re extra frazzled), spray on your favorite perfume. Again, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It just must work well with your body’s chemistry, which factors in your skin type, pheromones, and sweat. Try looking for floral notes like rose or peony, oriental notes like orange blossom and jasmine, or rich woody notes like sandalwood and vetiver for a sophisticated touch.

3. Sleeping on Fresh Sheets

Sleeping on immaculate sheets is a luxury anyone can afford. All you need is laundry detergent, maybe some fabric softener, and a washing machine. If you don’t have any of those, send your dirty sheets over to your neighborhood laundry shop. Do this once a week to improve your and avoid clogging your pores with the oils, dirt, and dead skin on your pillowcase. Ick.

4. Keeping and Feeling Hydrated

Self-care, while necessary, can also feel luxurious. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water, eating water-rich foods, and applying moisturizers on your skin can leave you with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Look at you, being a responsible adult! The best part is you can practice this every day – for free – and , including glowing skin, increased energy, improved focus, and even weight loss.

5. Being Around Nature

Communing with nature is a luxury for many city dwellers, but it doesn’t have to be an elusive one. A simple visit to your village park, a nearby pond, or even your building’s rooftop can have the same effects. These include , perking up a tired brain, and feeling happier overall. So go ahead and find an urban garden or start one at home.

6. Cooking a Special Meal at Home

Relax after a long day by cooking for yourself. It sounds counterintuitive (what, another task?), but it works. In the words of Slow Living advocate Carl Honoré: "Dining al desko is now the norm in many workplaces.” Everyday life revolves around tasks and schedules for many folks, but that's not living well. So slow down and savor the experience of making yourself a meal (even a budget-friendly one). You might be surprised at how luxurious it can be.

7. Having a Cozy Reading Nook

Reading is a necessity. Reading nooks, on the other hand, are a luxury. However, even the coziest ones can be budget-friendly. Finding a quiet, well-lit spot in your home is half the battle. The rest involves making it inviting, perhaps with an old chair or day bed, accessorized with pillows. Now is a trashy novel (or maybe a high-concept sci-fi – whatever floats your boat), some tea, and a sign that says DND.

8. A Day Without (Unwanted) Notifications

Speaking of DND, another budget-friendly (read: free) luxury is a day without unwanted notifications. Yes, it’s possible! Schedule quiet time on your work messaging apps so you don't receive pings even when people message you. Of course, you must do this responsibly, such as on the weekend or your day off. Recklessness is not boujee at all.

9. Comfort Viewing at Home

You probably watch TV every day, but it still feels like a luxury, doesn’t it? Think about it. It gives your mind time to rest and focus on your preferred genre, even if it's “post-apocalyptic survival.” Some studies suggest because it can make you feel emotionally safe and less alone. Pretend you’re in a movie theater for an even more relaxing night. Dim the lights, grab snacks, put your phone on silent, and shush anyone who interrupts.

10. An Extra Step in Your Beauty Routine

Nothing's wrong with a basic skincare routine, but you'll need an upgrade at some point. Adding another step to your regimen, such as , not only feels extra pampering but can also make all the other steps more effective. These are loaded with that target specific concerns, such as , , and

After washing your face with Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Moisture Care, a mousse cleanser that infuses the skin with much-needed moisture, pat on your serum of choice. Try POND'S Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Night Cream. Suitable for all skin types, this multitasking product promotes brightness with niasorcinol and renews your skin while you sleep.

And don’t neglect your hair! When you have extra time, use a nourishing hair mask to replenish your strands. Try VitaKeratin Ultra Rich Shine, a budget-friendly treatment that repairs damage while giving your hair salon-quality shine and softness.

Luxury is not always what others say it is. Embrace what it means to you and remember you don’t have to overspend to feel pampered. Try these budget-friendly treats the next time you need a pick-me-up.