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The internet is rife with and false hacks that promote misinformation among users. With TikTok being a major resource for beauty consumers (89% used the app to find and purchase new products in ), many are in danger of being led by misconceptions that could ruin their skin and hair. At the very least, not having all the facts can lead people to buy the wrong products or misuse the ones they already have.

Unilever Beauty & Well-Being took on the task of debunking some common misconceptions flying under the radar at the 25th World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore. Under the immersive “House of Beauty & Well-Being: Science Edition,” Unilever calls attention to the importance of sharing scientific information in skincare and haircare communications with its consumers.

Consumers Want Facts, Not Fiction

These efforts follow the results of the company’s “A Simple Truth Report,” which reveals consumer concerns about beauty pseudo-science circulating on social media. Eighty percent of respondents agree that misinformation is rampant in the sector, 73% see social media as a source of confusion, while 87% demand change.

Before over a hundred world-leading dermatologists, Unilever Beauty & Well-Being debunked skin and hair misconceptions across the industry. Guests were also encouraged to participate in the discussion by sharing #DermFacts.

Jason Har cup, Global Vice President for Skin Care Research& Development, said: “The message from our consumers has been loud and clear: they want to see a change in how the skincare industry addresses misinformation and pseudo-science, particularly on social media. We’ve therefore asked guests to our event to share #DermFacts –championing the science, demonstrations the science, demonstrations, and facts.”

He added: “The initiative is a true partnership between some of Unilever Beauty & Well-Being’s most iconic brands that had the opportunity to showcase their innovations at House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition. Through the event, leading dermatologists were able to learn more about the cutting-edge technologies which power our superior products.”

These are the skincare and haircare misconceptions experts addressed at the event.

Myth: Shampoos and conditioners only work on the surface.

Shampoos and conditioners are better known for their superficial benefits, such as cleansing and boosting softness and shine. The fact is some products have ingredients that can penetrate the hair shaft. 

Dove Dermacare Scalp Hair Fall Recovery Shampoo, for example, has Dove’s patented Scalp Care Actives and skincare ingredients. It makes the scalp three times more hydrated and twice as strong and nourished. As a result, hair is smooth and strong as well. Dove Dermacare Scalp range is dermatologically tested, gentle enough for daily use, and suitable for sensitive scalps.

Myth: All bar cleansers are harsh on the skin and strip off essential nutrients.

Most bar soaps contain ingredients that can dry out the skin and strip it of essential oils, making consumers avoid them on beauty aisles. The fact is consumers need not avoid all bars available on the market. Dove Beauty Bar cleanses the skin while replenishing up to 100 natural . It has been doing so for over 60 years with its 1/4 moisturizing cream. Unlike ordinary soaps that can strip the skin, it leaves the face and body soft, smooth, and more radiant.

Myth: Glutathione is a popular ingredient that brightens skin topically.

Many skincare products use as a hero ingredient to brighten skin. Most people believe it can only work superficially when used in skincare products. However, Vaseline’s Gluta-Hya Range uses patented GlutaGlow technology, which helps the skin produce its own glutathione. It does this by supplying the skin with three micro-amino acids that trigger the process. GlutaGlow is also 10x more powerful than vitamin C and it’s clinically proven to boost radiance by 75% and fade dark spots by 30% in just one week.

Myth: Only laser therapy can remove dark spots.

Most people stop trying to remove dark spots on their skin, thinking skincare products are not potent enough and laser therapy is the only solution. A new development changes this. POND’S Skin Institute has introduced a new NIASORCINOL formula, a blend of and E-resorcinol in a soon-to-be-launched serum. It reduces visible blemishes and the severity of underlying spots. The formula clarifies skin in three days, reduces spots by 30%, dullness by 24%, and the appearance of pores by 39%, based on a Unilever clinical study.

Myth: Retinol is the only cosmetic solution to anti-aging and fine lines.

is hailed as one of the best ingredients for fine lines and dull skin. Often, it can seem like the only solution available to consumers, but that’s not entirely true. POND’S Skin Institute also introduced a new Hexyl-Retinol formula at the House of Beauty & Well-Being. A blend of hexyl-retinol, retinol-C, and niacinamide, it’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 58%, improve elasticity by 30%, and reduce spots by 36%.

Myth: Anti-dandruff shampoos are only good for removing dandruff.

Dandruff shampoo ads often show the product dislodging flakes from the scalp and nothing more. But the truth is, if you already have dandruff, you have other things to worry about. CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men delivers both anti-dandruff protection and superior scalp health benefits. It is designed to provide men with instant dandruff-free freshness and cooling performance with Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology, peppermint, and the highest menthol level in any CLEAR shampoo.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Unilever Beauty & Well-Being is committed to debunking skin and haircare misconceptions and arming consumers with facts that can help them feel their most beautiful.

Through the House of Beauty & Well-Being: Science Edition, Unilever connected with dermatologists and consumers, sharing information on its latest technology and research-powered products. Join the fight against beauty misconceptions and misinformation by sharing science-based facts from reputable sources and doing your own research before trying out trends. Moreover, use tried-and-tested skincare and haircare products to keep your beauty journey safe, fun, and most of all, 100% effective.