Asian woman wearing earphones while jogging outside.

The stereotypical social media “fitness girl” is equal parts admirable and cringe. Her wardrobe consists of overpriced athleisure items that accentuate her figure perfectly. Her "aesthetic” kitchen houses an impressive collection of superfoods and dried fruits, which she sprinkles generously into her morning cereal bowl. There are always avocados, and they are always ripe when she cuts them open. She wakes up at 5 a.m. looking fresh and for her #GymToks, in which she radiates a “” instead of sweating.

Her message: You, too, can be a fitness girl. And while it all seems too good to be true, you somehow still aspire to be her. After all, it is a good way to live. The secret to success is owning your next evolution without apologies. Here’s how.

Go Ahead and Look the Part

To paraphrase Fergie, a little “fake it till you make it” never hurt nobody. In a 2021 survey conducted by Barbell Apparel, 79% of respondents said owning good gym clothes is an important first step in accomplishing fitness goals. Meanwhile, 85% believed that cool-looking gave them more confidence. Whatever gets you past the door, right? Don’t be afraid to wear your cutest outfits even if you’re just starting. Remember, it’s not posing if you’re doing the work! 

Fine, Wear a Little Makeup to the Gym

In this age of AI filters and cosmetic treatments like , it’s surprising how wearing makeup to the gym is still frowned upon. Consider this a sign to do whatever you look you want, especially if it gives you confidence. The key is to add without completely covering your skin and using non-comedogenic, water-based products that won’t clog your pores. A multipurpose lip tint goes a long way and stays on even as you sweat.

Read Up on the Subject

Practice is better when it’s supplemented with knowledge. To own your fitness girl era, study your chosen workout or fitness activity. If it’s something with a rich history like , look up its origins and various interpretations. If it’s climbing, watch YouTube videos of experts for inspiration. Doing a bit of research for a few minutes each day can give you the confidence to talk more about your new passion.

Share Your Progress

Sharing your progress is different from sharing your goals. Several older studies advise against the latter since doing so reportedly reduces your chances of success. However, according to a in the Journal of Applied Psychology, having an “accountability buddy” can work if they are of a higher status than yourself. In other words, their opinions should matter to you, otherwise, telling them won’t result in motivation. On the other hand, sharing your progress can be beneficial because this shifts your focus on the journey and helps you appreciate your efforts more.

Support Other Fitness Girls

What’s the best quality of any fitness girl? It’s being supportive of other fitness girls. Encourage friends and family who are just starting their fitness journeys. Cheer people on at the gym – for their progress and . A supportive community is exactly what you need to succeed, but you have to earn their trust, too.

Build a Post-Workout Kit

Giving yourself all the right tools can make your fitness journey easier. This includes a that you can use after your workout. Throw in a bottle of Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash to cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize your skin after exercise. Don’t forget to carry your Rexona Vitamin + Bright Deodorant Spray Vit C + Anti-Stain to refresh your underarms and brighten dark marks. Finally, for an extra blast of freshness, pack a tube of closeup Gel Toothpaste with Antibacterial Zinc Red Hot.

Diversify Your Activities

Doing only one workout for months may work for some people, but if this bores you, consider diversifying. Exercise isn’t limited to the confines of a gym, after all. Try group activities like jiu-jitsu. You could also go bouldering or biking to strengthen different muscles. Meanwhile, yoga and can be good grounding, recovery routines. Doing various exercises can help you enjoy your new fitness girl era and hopefully make it last!