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Being physically fit doesn’t have to be expensive. As far as we know, most parks don’t charge you for jogging around the path. If your gym-loving friend isn’t free to counsel you on your workouts, YouTube tutorials are always available. But if you want something more specialized, however, numerous free fitness apps can help you towards your physical goals.

What Are the Benefits of Fitness Apps?

Accessibility is the most obvious advantage of having free fitness apps on your phone or mobile device. Whether you’re on vacation, staying over at mom’s, or just looking for something to do, you can count on your fitness app to make your day a little more productive.

Fitness apps these days are so sophisticated that they do so much more than assign you an exercise for the day. They keep track of your food intake, measure your glucose levels, monitor your progress, offer recommendations on how to improve. They’re more than digital trainers. They’re all-in-one health apps. Compared to YouTube videos or your gym rat buddy, these apps tailor a specific, more personal based on your body, preferences, and needs. Plus, many of them even come with cheering sounds as soon as you hit a milestone.

A 2015 study on the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that users of such exercise apps tended to be those who don’t work out regularly. Based on the survey, these apps were used during leisure time and they helped users overcome usual excuses, such as being busy, boredom, or refusal to spend for a gym membership.

What Fitness Apps Are Available Out There?

From biking routes to spinning classes, full-body workouts to butt exercises, five-minute sessions to yearlong programs, you can be sure to find a workout that you love. To help you with your choice, here are our recommendations for the top free fitness apps available on the App Store or Google Play. Whatever your lifestyle, no matter your fitness level, these apps will push you to start moving.

This is for the busy career woman who can literally spare just seven minutes.

Exercise is about quality. Seven – 7 Minute Workout is for busy folks who want to exercise but have a hard time scheduling a gym sesh. It’s loaded with seven-minute programs that deliver maximum results in the shortest time possible. Available on the and .

If you’re planning to squeeze this in during your lunch break, don’t forget to pack deodorant. A high-intensity workout can keep your heart rate up even after you’ve showered. Rexona Women Powder Dry Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant manages sweat and odor as well as helps you feel fresh and cool as you finish up work for the day.

When you’re bored easily, try free fitness apps with multiple options.

Do you think you’ll work better with a personal trainer? FitOn may be the next best thing. After all, it gives you access to some of the fitness experts responsible for some of the trendiest workouts as well as your fave celebs’ physiques. Apart from the awesome company, it also offers options for yoga, cardio, high-intensity interval training, lifting, and more. Available on the and .

Is your schedule unpredictable? Find a flexible app that can work with you.

Do you only have 10 minutes to spare? Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer was designed for homebodies who also want to be gymgoers — but in the comfort of their house. Its catalog of exercises (over a hundred of them) can be done and they’re categorized depending on how much time you have. Available on the and .

There’s even an app for horror aficionados.

Ask yourself this: what will make you run? Zombies, obviously. Cardio, after all, is the first rule in Zombieland. A running game/audio adventure/workout app, Zombies, Run! was co-created by The Power author Naomi Alderman. It’s not VR or anything like that. Instead, it plays scary horror sounds as you jog around the block. Nothing will make you pick up the pace more than the sound of high-pitched screaming. We recommend this for nighttime joggers (wink). Available on the and .

Since you’ll be stepping outside to enjoy the benefits of this fun app, don’t forget to shower thoroughly when you get home. After dealing with the guttural sound of the undead, wash your sweaty locks with Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance Shampoo. Its exclusive combination of berries and cherry blossoms purifies the hair and gives it life. As for your body, Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash Total 10 will eliminate any germs you might have picked up outdoors.

Yoga is always an excellent choice.

You don’t have to be flexible to enjoy Yoga for Beginners. This fun and promises to teach you the basics to help you work up the more difficult poses. Though it’s nothing fancy, this starter yoga app will help you stretch yourself and check the limits of your body. It might just be the gateway to a newer, fitter you. Available on the and .

According to a 2020 study on Psychology of Sport and Exercise, free fitness apps (or any other type of physical activity app) helped users feel competent, motivated, and even competitive. Though it may seem like an isolated activity, research reveals that sharing results via social media increased users’ sense of social support and encouraged them further. So, go ahead and reap these benefits. Start downloading!