Asian woman in white sitting on bike on grass.

It’s easy to find a funny meme, belly-laugh for several minutes, and think this is the picture of bliss. But are you genuinely happy? Happiness comes in numerous forms. While you can’t exactly measure pleasure, science has a few tell-tale hints to assure you that yes, you’re in a good place. Here are a few signs you can say you’re genuinely happy.

1. You’re An Early Riser

Do you love greeting the sunrise? Do you commit to an ? You may be a chipper person! A study in Nature Communication by sleep expert Jacqueline Lane says that morning people have a , such as schizophrenia and depression. Also, some of the many include being more satisfied and generally having better well-being.

What's more, this is only just one bit of research. A Chronobiology International paper also details that night owls , which messes up their body’s ability to work properly, potentially triggering physical and emotional problems.

2. You’re Productive!

Are you a happy worker? Oxford University's Saïd Business School discovered a . The study, in partnership with telecom company BM, found that happy workers are 13% than their less satisfied counterparts. You work smarter, too. The research states that they didn’t work longer hours to produce more. They just buckled down more!

3. You Want Others to be Happy, Too

So your BFF just told you she got promoted and is getting married. What’s your first reaction? A genuinely happy person’s reflex would be pride and joy. You revel in sharing in the successes of others because you’re A-okay with yourself. Feeling other emotions is okay, too – hey, you’re human – but you know not to fester in self-pity or negativity. Comparing yourself to others isn’t just something you do.

4. You’re Socially Fit!

You probably know that exercise is a good way to bump up your bliss levels. After all, “exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t” – well, you know the rest. But did you know that social fitness indicates you’re in a terrific place emotionally?

doesn’t refer to the number of friends you have on social media. It means maintaining a meaningful, regular connection whether personally or professionally. A study by the says happiness is magnetic, so if you’re attracting good friends, you must be giving off a blissful aura. Likewise, you foster stronger relationships with others, and this network makes you feel loved, secure, and accepted, pushing you to be yourself and spread that love. Remember, a genuinely happy individual wants the best for the community.

5. You’re Grateful

People live in varying circumstances. Some may be well off, others not so much. However, your economic status shouldn’t factor in your . Whether you own three pairs of shoes or 20, you are content with what you have and don’t feel the need to one-up others. You are the embodiment of #blessed.

Now that you know the signs, are you genuinely happy? It’s okay if you feel like you still have a lot of work to do. A study in the says that being happy is a choice, which begins with actually trying to be happy. Start with a little smile and as you choose bliss more and more each day.

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Being genuinely happy is a work in progress, and while it’s a great goal, don’t let it stop you from going after what you want, speaking your mind, and . Remember not to force it too much!