Filipino woman with glowing skin, smiling into the distance

The seasons are changing, and soon, you’ll receive invites to all the exciting festivities. Do you know what this calls for? A glow-up challenge. A jaw-dropping transformation is not exclusive to teens coming-of-age and rom-com divorcees. You, too, can achieve it with some discipline, patience, and the right products. Because this requires a step up from the old routine, here are a few things you can do or add to your regimen to achieve your desired transformation.

Wake Up Earlier

Early risers get more done. You also develop better sleeping habits when you . You get more rest and are refreshed and energized in the morning. You also have more time to do your skincare routine. If you’re the type to rush through the process, try waking up early to get the chance to do it right. Starting today, practice self-discipline and don’t hit the snooze button. You’d be amazed at all the things you can accomplish when you add a couple more hours to your day.

Devote More Time to Cleansing Your Face

Speaking of taking it slow, there are benefits to devoting more time to facial cleansing. You can start with an , like a balm, to melt dirt and makeup. Follow it up with a water-based cleanser to remove dirt and excess oil. Massage it onto your face for at least 30 seconds. Use small, circular motions to work the lather into your pores and help it lift impurities. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Your skin will look smoother and clearer over time. 

Focus on Hydration and Moisturization 

Forget the idea that products must sting or peel your skin off to be effective. Stop trying to scrub your acne away or drying off your oily skin with harsh ingredients. Instead, focus on . What’s the difference? Hydration helps your skin draw and retain water. Moisturization seals this water in with oil. This plumping tandem makes your skin look healthy, dewy, and smooth.

Try POND’S Triple Glow Serum daily after cleansing to achieve a healthy glow. It contains hyaluronic acid, a humectant that attracts water to your skin. It also has niacinamide, which evens out the skin tone, fades dark spots, and refines the pores. Generally, give your products four to six weeks to see results.

Treat Your Hair to Keratin

Keratin is your hair’s best friend. If you want your hair to look smooth, shiny, luscious, and tangle-free after this glow-up challenge, get regular keratin treatments at your favorite salon. You can also add keratin to your daily haircare routine to take it to the next level. Do this regularly by using products like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo and Dove Straight & Silky Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo. Don’t forget to condition daily with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Conditioner to and boost shine.

Address Your Mane Concerns

But don’t just stop at everyday hair care for this glow-up challenge. Go beyond superficial improvements and start addressing your mane’s issues. If you’re concerned about damage and , use Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Hairfall Defense Conditioner. It rescues with argan, rosehip, and marula oil. It also has Break Shield Complex, which strengthens hair from root to tip, resulting in 99% less hair fall.

While it’s not true that your hair gets used to your products, you should still have different types of shampoos and conditioners on rotation to address your changing needs. If you’ve developed buildup on your scalp from using rich shampoos and styling products, switch to a clarifying shampoo for a week. If your hair feels dry, use more nourishing formulas.

Do a Weekly Full-Body Sweep

With exfoliating products, that is. is the key to smooth, glowing skin. Pay special attention to oft-neglected areas, like your back, knees, shoulders, and elbows. Use a physical body scrub, which works well for larger areas. You could also use tools like loofas, bath gloves, and to aid in the process. Remember to be gentle. Avoid damaging your skin!

After exfoliating and rinsing, apply Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Dewy Radiance while your skin is still damp. It will give you the dewy, healthy look that you want. It contains Hyaluron and GlutaGlow technology, which has 10 times more brightening power than vitamin C. What glow-up challenge? Dewy skin goals are easy to achieve if you add this to your routine.

Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

Perhaps the most crucial factor in achieving your glow-up is having an attitude of gratitude. It sounds cheesy, but for the skin, hair, and body that you have now is a confidence booster. Did you ever think that maybe you already had a glow-up but were too self-conscious to celebrate it? Actively being grateful can change that. Not sure where to begin? Get active! It will teach you to appreciate what your body can do, even with all its so-called imperfections.

Take on this glow-up challenge by adding these steps to your beauty routine and using the right products. Check out the 10.10 Sale at the Unilever Official Store on Shopee for discounts on POND’S, TRESemmé, Cream Silk, Dove Hair, and Vaseline products.