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For sure, working from home comes with a lot of perks, and this includes increased flexibility in terms of our schedules. (No more wasting hours in traffic, after all!) Because of this, it’s become easier to allocate more time for self-care as well as for our beauty routines. If you’re currently enjoying the WFH setup, we suggest you take this chance to upgrade your self-care and skincare routine at home. You don't need to leave your house to get that glow up.

Check out these tips:

1. Claim Some Me-Time in the Morning

Need to clock in by 8 a.m.? Try to get up at least one hour earlier to give yourself extra quiet time to do what you want, whether it’s to enjoy a cup of coffee all by yourself or to treat yourself to a long, unhurried shower to prepare for the day.

To make your bath ritual extra enjoyable, squeeze in a relaxing hair mask treatment to pamper your locks. (Give your scalp a good massage while you’re at it, too!) Try the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask, which can deeply moisturize and rejuvenate hair in just three to five minutes.

2. Make Time for Skincare

One of the best things about not having to leave home to get to “work” is you get to skip all the pollution and sun exposure during your daily commute! And since skin is subjected to less damage, it’s also the best time to double down on skincare to achieve your best glow.

For a radiance boost, swap your regular moisturizer for a day cream that softens and brightens skin and improves tone. You can also try one from Pond's anti-age line to really give the skin the nourishment it needs POND'S Age Miracle Anti Aging Day Cream SPF 18 with Retinol C and Niacinamide for Skin Renewal. Not only does it moisturize, but it also improves collagen production, contains pore-minimizing niacinamide, as well as hydrating hyaluronic acid.

3. Keep a Water Bottle Handy at All Times

It’s hard to take care of yourself and live “healthy” when sinful snacks are always within reach and food delivery apps are easily accessible from your phone. But as  suggests, frequent snacking may not necessarily be caused by hunger. Sometimes, our body can mistake thirst for food craving, leading us to reach for bad eats, like a cookie or potato chips.

By keeping a water bottle on your desk, you not only keep yourself hydrated (and your skin glowing!), you also prevent yourself from packing on extra ~bad~ calories, which you’ll only regret later.

4. Include Light Exercise into Your Daily Schedule

We all know that exercise is good for your health, all while being a great form of self-care. After all, it triggers the release of endorphins, a.k.a. your happy hormones. The good news? You don’t need to go to the gym to squeeze in a light workout. All you need is enough space where you can follow a quick workout video—like a Zumba class—or do online yoga. To make things extra fun, you can even do it together with your friends through a virtual session.

To stay fresh even as you sweat, don’t forget to apply or spray on a deodorant that gives long-lasting protection. Try: Dove Original Nourished And Smooth Deodorant Spray.

5. Don’t Skip Lunch

It’s time you stop lunching while scrolling through your emails. Do yourself a favor and set time for a proper lunch break—one that doesn’t involve multitasking. This will help you refresh your mind and give the chance to really savor and enjoy your food.

Afterwards, don’t forget to brush your teeth and perk up your breath. A good pick-me-up is closeup Menthol Fresh Toothpaste, which offers a refreshing, cooling cleanse—so you don’t end up falling asleep right after lunch.

While there’s lot to love about the comforts and craziness of the office setup, there’s no denying that working from home offers more opportunities for taking care of ourselves. The best thing to do? Make the most out of your WFH situation and use this time to glow up—for a healthier, happier you!

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