Middle-aged Asian woman exercising

There is no one way to experience menopause. Some women go through the stages of menopause like it’s an ordinary Wednesday. Others struggle with the various physical and emotional changes. But whether you’re grasping at straws like Samantha in Abu Dhabi (Sex and the City 2, FYI) or just leaning into the adjustments, here are some of the things you can expect from this natural phase of life.

The first change? You get to save money from the tampon and sanitary pad bills.

The 4 Stages of Menopause

According to the National Institute on Aging, menopause refers to the 12 months after a woman’s last period. However, the stages of menopause begin when you get your first period.

  • Pre-menopause refers to the earlier phase, such as your menarche and your prime childbearing years.
  • Perimenopause is what most people often consider menopause. It is the transition phase. Women experience those dreaded symptoms, such as hot flashes, body pains, mood changes, decreased sex drive, and brain fog the most during this stage.
  • Menopause, as previously mentioned, refers to that first year when you’ve stopped having your period completely. If you’re in this stage, you usually experience some residual symptoms. Filipinas experience menopause between 48 to 51.
  • Post-menopause is when your hormones have finally steadied. You’ve bid goodbye to Auntie Flo forever, and you’re no longer experiencing symptoms. However, a lower estrogen production means you need to take supplements to pick up the slack as you’re more prone to osteoporosis or heart disease during this stage.

What Can You Do Against the Menopausal Symptoms?

As your hormones go haywire, your body undergoes several changes. Apart from mood fluctuations and headaches, some symptoms can also show up on your hair and skin.

Thinning hair happens.

Estrogen is responsible for a great many things in a woman’s body. Along with another hormone, progesterone, estrogen helps hair grow faster and stronger. When production of these plummets during the latter stages of menopause, your hair regrows much slower. Unfortunately, shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle regardless of where your hormones are at. When your hair growth can’t keep up with the hair fall, you get a much thinner mane.

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Keep cool in a flash.

Hot flashes are perhaps one of the most well-known symptoms of menopause. According to the National Institute of Aging, a hot flash is an unexpected feeling of heat in your body, typically on your face and neck. Low estrogen levels due to menopause may also cause dry skin and red splotches. Hot flashes can be mild, but they can also be severe enough to wake you up at night.

You can’t escape hot flashes, but you can manage them by keeping your body cool. Dress in versatile layers that you can peel off in case a hot flash strikes. Drink lots of water. If you're looking for dry skin remedies, use Vaseline Healthy Bright Fresh & Bright Cooling Body Lotion that moisturizes and cools the skin at the same time. It has -4C Instant Cooling to give you an instant refresh. Plus, it has 10 times more Active Niacinamide to brighten your skin, too!

Bolster your other hormones.

Your estrogen levels may be taking a nosedive, but you can pump up the other chemicals in your body. Along with mood swings, decreased estrogen can cause anxiety and depression. Combat these by exercising. Being active can rouse the release of the “happy hormones” endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin – all four are known to stimulate pleasure. It can pull you away from the menopausal slump and give you something to do. You also get the added benefit of being fit and healthy.

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The stages of menopause can be difficult at times, but they are bearable and temporary. Practice a healthy lifestyle, take things easy, and just find ways to enjoy this phase of your life.