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Here’s a less than comforting thought: Insecurity can sneak up at any time. No matter how much we know or how confident we are, we’re not immune to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. A study by the University of Waterloo on cognitive and behavioral practice says it begins with the perception that something is wrong with us. We fear others will judge us for these perceived flaws, and we act out. It’s not easy to overcome this fear because the solution can only come from within. Want to know how to overcome insecurity? Read on.

The above study also suggests that insecurity is part of the human condition and that not only is it unavoidable, it can also be healthy. Best case scenario, it prompts us to assess ourselves, how we can be better, and how we can get along better with others. After all, it stems from wanting to be enough to belong. Newsflash: From the makers of “Live. Laugh. Love.” comes another true cliché — you are enough. Here are a few ways you can , at least for now.

Don’t Focus on the Physical

Focusing on other people’s physical attributes can make you fixate on your features, which you can’t change. It’s perfectly okay to admire a pretty face or a fit body. However, focusing on these instead of, say, someone’s accomplishments, can also take your focus away from your accomplishments. You can forget that you’re a badass who’s done all these amazing things when you’re constantly comparing your looks to others. Try acknowledging someone’s creativity, courage, or kindness instead. Moreover, recognize that .

Take Up New Skills

Have you always wanted to take up fashion design? Are you a budding plantita? Do you love yoga enough to teach a class? An article by Harvard Business School on how to overcome insecurity states that the best way to build confidence is to invest energy in it and work hard. Taking your passions to the next level by taking up new, related skills can help boost your confidence. This takes your mind off other people’s business and lets you focus on your growth. 

Know What You Bring to the Table

According to the journal Dialogues in Neuroscience published in the National Institutes of Health, social anxiety can arise when our insecurities lead us to believe that we won’t make the right impression in a social situation. If your insecurity stems from fear of rejection, it helps to remind yourself of what you bring to the table. Being aware of what you can contribute to the situation or group may help you worry less about not being accepted. The UK National Health Services suggests listing positive things about yourself and adding to the list daily. 

Invest in Your Well-Being

Whenever you feel blah, taking the time to give yourself a pick-me-up can help. According to the UK NHS, practicing different methods of self-care can help make you feel more appreciated. Self-care is more than just mani-pedis and face masks. It’s thinking kind thoughts about yourself when you’re being overly self-critical. It’s buying yourself a new pair of jeans instead of waiting to fit into your old ones (again). It’s choosing yourself in situations that make you feel uncomfortable or unwanted and walking away from them.

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How to overcome insecurity? Whether you're concerned with or adult issues, try doing the techniques above when you start having feelings of self-doubt. Boosting your self-worth is a job that only you can do, but you could also surround yourself with people you trust to build your confidence and feel accepted for who you are.