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The word “isolation” has been thrown around a lot in the past few months. There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Spending a week by yourself doesn’t sound like a party. However, if you’re having trouble coping, know that there are benefits to being alone. Perhaps you can use it to log in some much-needed and .

Many studies back the positives of being alone – at least occasionally. According to research by solitude expert Thuy-Vy Nguyen, Ph.D., of Durham University, choosing to be alone has . Those who regularly opt for some me-time also tend to value themselves better since they can more freely follow personal desires.

Being alone isn’t as bad as it sounds. Here are some more reasons you should try it sometime.

Increases Productivity

Several years ago, open offices and hot seats became the workspace rage. Supposedly, these funky cool spaces encouraged collaboration and teamwork. By 2019, however, the jig was up. Extensive research, including some from Harvard Business School and Harvard University, showed that it closed employees off. There was an uptick in emails, a downward trend in face-to-face contact, and an increase in headphone use. Employees were trying to hold on to the last bits of privacy they had.

The truth is, a little separation is so much more helpful when it comes to getting things done. According to a 2013 Journal of Environmental Psychology study, minimal distractions help you concentrate better.

Gets You Some Rest

In 2015, a survey asked 18,000 people from 134 countries what activities they considered the most restful. Topping the list were reading, being in one’s natural environment, spending time alone, listening to music, doing nothing in particular, walking, , and daydreaming. Being alone is the common denominator. It helps you focus on yourself and relieves you of the pressures of social interaction. Seeing friends and family, which ranked 12 on the list (right after being with animals), can be fun, but it’s just not peaceful.

Improves Empathy

The irony of being alone is that it enhances your social skills, particularly empathy. According to an MIT study, solitude helps you come to terms with yourself. You discover who you are as a person, and consequently, find it easier to relate to individuals with similar interests.

Offers a Sense of Freedom

Based on the study “The Emergence of Solitude as a Constructive Domain of Experience in Early Adolescence” in Child Development, being alone encourages expression, especially in teenagers. Without the prying eyes of others, you can be more comfortable letting your guard down and loosening up without the fear of criticism.

Stimulates Creativity

Do you remember when Colin Firth’s character in Love Actually went to a cabin by himself to work on his new book? He ended up falling in love with his housekeeper, but that was just a bonus. Swedish director Ingmar Bergman believed that the artistic process reveals itself in solitude. You just need to muster the discipline to find it.

Likewise, acclaimed Danish author Dorthe Nors says that when you’re alone, you are constantly confronted by your feelings. You can’t run away from them. Your only choice is to perform.

Encourages Self-Love

When you’re alone, the burden of others slides off your shoulders. You can use this as your me-time, doing things you’ve always wanted but never found time for. You can soak in the tub with a bottle of Dove Relaxing Lavender Body Wash. It has and rosemary to lull your senses, ushering in peace and tranquility.

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Or, you can finally make good on your promise to work out more. Schedule at least 30 minutes of alone time every day to or perform . Apply some Rexona 3-in-1 Deo Powder Aloe Soothe, which you can use for your armpits, feet, and body. Just because you’re by yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel fresh and protected from sweat and odor.

There’s a difference between being by yourself and feeling lonely. The latter is a physical state that is likely a personal choice. On the other hand, the former is the feeling of being alone whether or not people are around you. Being alone has its perks, but make sure to surround yourself with a strong support system, especially during these times.

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