A beautiful bride in chignon hairstyle looking out the window

A wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. You have that designer frock, you’ve hired top wedding suppliers, you’ve booked a picture-perfect location, and you’ve invited your family and friends. Then, the quarantine happened, and your plans had to be put on hold. But that’s okay. Health is a priority. You calmly contact your coordinator to postpone everything to a later date. Then, the quarantine was extended, and more restrictions were put in place. Finally, you just had to make the call: it’s time to downsize to a pandemic-approved intimate wedding.

While a small ceremony can be just as beautiful, all the adjustments you’ve had to make have taken a toll on your emotions. After all, you watched a pandemic eat away your dream. You’re stressed, naturally, but on the bright side, despite having to cut back, you and your partner are still getting married, and you can still look like the blushing bride you’ve always imagined to be on your big day.

Here are some tips on managing prenuptial jitters so your natural radiance will shine through when you walk down the aisle.

Embrace Your Emotions

It’s okay to feel sad. You’ve planned for this day, and you allowed yourself to be excited, so go ahead and allow yourself to grieve what could have been. Take your time to process and accept the situation so that when the day comes, you won’t have any bottled-up feelings of disappointment ready to explode.

If all the uncertainty becomes too overwhelming, give yourself a break from wedding planning. Take some time out with your partner, bond, and gather energy for another round of rescheduling and coordinating.

Manage Your Stress

Anyone who has been through a wedding will tell you that the months and days leading up to the occasion can get pretty hectic. These days, this anxiety becomes exponential thanks to the postponements and continued uncertainty.

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Exercise to Relax

Whatever your motivation or is, working out will greatly benefit your mood and alleviate your stress. Exercise will not only distract you from the busyness of wedding planning, but it will also stimulate happy hormones that will curb your anxiety.

If you have time, try to sneak in a quick and light workout on the day of your intimate wedding, a few hours before the ceremony. Don’t try anything too strenuous; stick with a quick stretch or an . It will shake off anxiety and add to that bridal glow, giving a natural blush to your cheeks.

With your heart pumped and your adrenaline flowing, make sure to wear a proper deodorant that will keep you feeling cool, clean, and fresh all day. Rexona Women Powder Dry Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant takes care of that issue, plus it has anti-stain technology because you don’t want deo or sweat to rub off on your white dress.

Remember the Fine Details

Prenuptial breakouts can be a nightmare, but they’re also expected. After all, wedding planning can take such a toll that skincare might take a backseat, then there are hormonal issues to consider. Fortunately, a more streamlined affair means you have less to deal with, and you can focus on other essentials, like your skin.

Video-conferenced weddings, where guests are invited via live streaming, have become all the rage lately. While it’s a safer alternative, it can also be unforgiving. Help your skin look its best by prepping with POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Acne Control Facial Foam in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. It’s formulated with Active Thymo-BHA that fights pimple-causing bacteria and takes down acne at the root.

On the big day, highlight your pimple-free bridal glow with POND’s Anti-Aging Age Miracle BB Cream. Not only does it reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it also has Pro Cell Complex that boosts collagen production, prevents dryness, and helps skin cells renew themselves three times better. Use this in the nights leading up to your intimate wedding day so you can reap its full effect.

Don’t forget to keep your , too. After all, you are going to go mask-free during the most vital parts of the wedding. Pick out the best whitening toothpaste months before the big day. Prep your pearly whites with closeup Natural Smile toothpaste, a natural whitening toothpaste that not only freshens your breath for that big finale kiss it also removes the causes of yellow teeth.

An intimate wedding may not be your original dream, but with the right preparation, it can be just as special and it will definitely be meaningful.