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Safety is definitely our priority nowadays, but social distancing and isolation doesn’t mean giving up interactions altogether. There are so many ways to keep safeyet stay connected with friends and loved ones. Physical get-togethers might not be a good idea at the moment, but there are virtual ways to maintain relationships. With a sound Internet connection and working devices, you can count on these apps and programs to stay in touch with the people you treasure:

Netflix Party - To Stream Shows Together

Streaming series or movies is most likely one of your pastimes outside work. Share the activity with others by downloading Netflix Party! It’s a Google Chrome extension that allows you to stream shows together. The video playback will be synchronized—in other words, they can see the movie you're watching in real-time. If you pause the show, it gets paused for everyone. Netflix Party also has a group chat function, where everyone can talk and share their feels any time.


Jackbox - To Play Virtual Team Games

If planning team activities or hosting video game parties is your thing, try Jackbox. Your group can all view and play co-op games using a video conferencing service like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Keep safe and have fun battling it out at Drawful, Lie Swatter, Quiplash, and other games that are incredibly easy to understand and play.


Houseparty - To Play More Interactive Games

Houseparty is a video chat app, where you play various popular games as a team through its interface. One fun game you might be interested in is Heads Up—it’s a modified version of what we know locally as "Pinoy Henyo." Houseparty has been used around the world for years, but it became a hit when community lockdowns were in full swing.


Marco Polo - To “See” Each Other Any Time

Long video calls aren't a luxury that everyone can afford. Enter Marco Polo. When you’re not busy with work and other errands, you can talk to anyone through video chat—but it won’t be the traditional real-time type you might be used to. Instead, you can use the push-to-talk feature to leave someone a video. The recipient can respond in their own time and vice versa.


And here’s one thing you can’t forget before virtually interacting with others: freshen up first! Make sure you look and feel great as you get in touch with your favorite people in the world through these apps and programs.

Before you start that video call, look to your trusted grooming essentials. Brush your teeth and keep them pearly white with . Stay fresh and cool no matter how intense your virtual games get with a swipe of Rexona Men Ice Cool + Anti-Stain Roll-on or .

Even the little things like maintaining proper hygiene can make a huge impact right now. Make an effort to stay close (virtually!) with the most important people in your life as you keep safe, wherever you are.