Happy woman in activewear standing at the gym.

Part of what makes working out at a gym a fun experience is the sense of community. There’s something about breaking a sweat with other like-minded people that gives you a . While you may think you know good gym etiquette, some rules may be less apparent. So, whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast or a first-timer, here are the basic dos and don’ts:

Take Turns Using Equipment

The number one rule of gym etiquette is to be considerate of your fellow gym-goers, especially when it comes to equipment. Plan your workout in advance so you know exactly which machines you’ll need. During peak hours, consider adjusting your routine. If someone is waiting, offer to let them use the equipment between your sets. If the treadmills are fully booked, then use the weight station instead. It’s that simple.

And before you ask, putting your towel on a piece of equipment does not count as dibs. Seriously.

Clean Up After Yourself

People hate as much as you do. Even if you don’t perspire that much, you still leave behind icky germs. That’s where towels and disinfectants come into play. Always wipe down every piece of equipment after use, from barbells to benches. While you’re at it, pat yourself dry before heading to the next area.

Make sure to put everything back where you found it–dumbbells, plates, or step platforms. Not only does this help keep the gym tidy, but it also lets others know that you’re done using the equipment.

Practice Good Hygiene

This rule may catch you off guard, but it’s worth emphasizing: Wash up before a workout. While it may seem excessive, it works to remove any existing dirt, sweat, and . Plus, experts suggest that a can warm up your body. A double win!

Once you’re clean, apply Rexona Vitamin + Bright Deodorant Spray Sakura Radiance, which brightens and smoothens underarms, reduces dark marks, and nourishes the skin, too!

Respect People’s Privacy

It’s not a crime to or even record your gym session but be careful of filming others without their explicit consent. Not everyone feels comfortable being recorded, and they have the right to say no. Make it a habit to respectfully ask permission before including anyone else in your social media post. If you want to shoot a workout video without being disturbed, visit the gym when it’s less crowded, like in the early mornings or late at night.

Keep Your Belongings Close

If everyone leaves their bags and personal items lying about, there will be no space left to do actual exercises. Store non-gym essentials like your jewelry, spare clothes, and toiletries inside a locker. Place essential items like water bottles and towels nearby, making sure they don't obstruct walkways or encroach on other’s space.

Avoid Making Loud Noises

An occasional grunt is understandable but avoid excessive noise—whether it's full-on roaring during a or dropping weights with a loud bang. Both behaviors can be distracting and dangerous. Whether you're or working on your cardio, try and keep your volume low to minimize disruption to those around you.

Another important gym etiquette rule? Avoid long conversations. While it’s okay to chat with a workout buddy or trainer, keep it short and to the point. If you need to take a phone call, step into the locker room or the lounge so you don't disturb others.

Don’t Break Into Song

While you may love singing along to Dua Lipa, save it for your next karaoke night. Belting out your favorite song at the gym might attract unwanted attention and distract fellow gym-goers. Instead, channel that energy into your workout. Remember to focus on your breathing and technique.

Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

Even with the best intentions, unsolicited advice is never welcome. Remember, everyone's fitness journey is unique, so it’s important to respect their choices and efforts. If you notice someone struggling with their form or technique, instead of approaching them directly, alert a staff member. They're trained to provide guidance, and their advice is more likely to be well-received.

At its core, these gym etiquette rules aim to foster a welcome space for all fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, keep these guidelines in mind and encourage your workout buddies to do the same by sharing this article with them.