Woman with happy expression lifting both arms in the air while sitting on a work chair.

Work sucks most of the time, and you don’t need an article to explain why. Perhaps you’ve been fantasizing about what it would be like to finally reach retirement age. Close the laptop for one last time, move to the countryside, and then kick back with a daiquiri in a beach house – the kind of -esque lifestyle you see in a Nancy Meyers flick.

In the Philippines and most countries, the is around 60 to 65. But it can go lower or higher depending on whom you ask. are saving as much money as they can to make an exit before turning 40. Others, however, think sticking around in the workforce longer would be more practical and rewarding.

Discussions on retirement can sometimes imply that there’s an expiration date to productivity. There isn’t – in case you’re wondering. The question isn’t simply how much you love working but your goals beyond the daily grind.

The Fairytale of Early Retirement

The FIRE movement, an acronym for Financial Independence/Retire Early, is in full throttle and has gained many devotees who are decades from the accepted retirement age. Its core philosophy centers on extreme savings and aggressive investment strategies to accumulate a sizeable nest egg as quickly as possible. While others travel to far-off places and scream their lungs out at concerts, the frugal spend their prime years working multiple jobs.

To outsiders, the sacrifice seems unsustainable. A 9-to-5 job is stressful enough. Adding a 5-to-9 side gig on top of it sounds like a . But for the early retirement hopefuls, the promise of freedom and flexibility in the not-so-distant future outweighs everything.

The light at the end of the hustle tunnel is a certain degree of control over one’s life. You have the means to retire before you physically have to. It grants you more time to live out your dream and pursue other passions without financial constraints. A happily ever after, some might say. Is it realistic? Possibly, if you’re determined to save more money than spend it or have the privilege to do so.

It’s Hard Work to Leave Work

Waking up and realizing you have nothing to do is bliss – even Bruno Mars talks about it in a song. If you’re an avid TikTok user, you may have seen #TrophyWife videos. Millions of women – half-joking and half-serious – dream of quitting their jobs and living off their wealthy partner’s black card. However, economist has found that nearly 50% of retirees don't actually stop working. They either work part-time or rejoin the workforce later.

The freshman year of retirement is as fun as you expected and more. No KPIs or overtime, only leisure and relaxation. However, once the novelty dies down, boredom sets in. The routine of work, which used to fill your days, is replaced by a void. Moreover, it can be disorienting to go from someone with a shiny job title to a pensioner.

These downsides are not exclusive to those within retirement age. Arguably, workers who retire earlier have trouble adapting to life without professional responsibilities. Most find a sense of purpose from taking a less-paying profession that better aligns with their interests. And those influencers, finance gurus, and trophy wives on social media? They also have a day job: selling success stories that may or may not be exaggerated.

Tips on Preparing for Retirement Age

Whether you choose to hang the boots in your 20s or 70s, it all comes down to good planning. Finances aside, here’s how you can lay the foundation before eventually submitting your two weeks’ notice.

Consider trying a mini-retirement.

Want to step away from the rat race without making a grand exit from your career? Take a sabbatical, which can last anywhere from three months to three years. Of course, unless your company offers sabbatical leaves, you have to quit your current job and get a new one when you’re ready. Nevertheless, a gap year or two allows you to explore new avenues, reset your , and return to your job invigorated. Think of it as a retirement test run.

Prioritize your health and wellness.

Healthcare costs often account for a significant portion of retirement expenses. Retiring means no longer receiving health insurance from your employer. So put more effort into maintaining your physical and . Do regular check-ups, eat a balanced diet, and engage in regular exercises. These proactive steps will ensure you can enjoy your retirement age to the fullest.

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Get a good night’s sleep.

Juggling multiple hats to increase your savings can mean sacrificing your . This can lead to mood swings, stress, and . Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends, to regulate your body’s internal clock.

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Make time for yourself.

It’s easy to get caught up in work commitments. Your lunch break becomes shorter, and so does your self-care routine. You deserve moments of uninterrupted solitude. It’s in these quiet spaces that you can truly recharge.

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While it’s smart to build your wealth and gear up for your post-employment phase as early as possible, don’t stretch yourself too thin. The key to basking in the glow of retirement age is to take pleasure in every mile of the journey.