These days, especially with the role of social media where so many young women feel the need to compare themselves with others, it can be a struggle at times to embrace how we look. But we all deserve to have a regardless of how society or pop culture views the ideal size, shape, or appearance. Women need to remember that everyone is on a different journey when it comes to their bodies.

Fortunately, more and more women are also using the same platforms to encourage others to . Find inspiration from these Pinay celebrities who advocate for and let them empower you to love yourself even more!

Rona Tai on Her Body’s Journey

Rona Tai, who is proud of her body, recently shared that the reason she meals – with cheat days in moderation – and puts in the effort to , is because she loves herself. Her family is also her main motivation, and she wants to be able to live a longer, happier, and healthier life so that she can always be present in every milestone of her son. For Rona, progress is still progress, but it’s these baby steps that encourage her to continue her path to health and wellness.

Bea Benedicto Being Real About Her “Imperfections”

Bea Benedicto points out the on her thighs and shares that in most pictures where her tummy looks flatter or her booty seems bigger, it doesn’t mean that she looks like that all the time. She purposely poses that way to show off the muscles she worked hard to gain from exercising. She’s aware that she has imperfections but celebrates them just the same!

Michele Gumabao on Transitioning from an Athlete to a Beauty Queen

Michelle Gumabao admits that when she transitioned from being a professional volleyball player to joining beauty pageants, she was criticized for being too muscular and having big legs. But she tells her followers on Instagram that it’s a constant battle of choice, especially on days she about them. She reminds herself that her strong legs were the reason she got through years of intense games — allowing her to jump, play, and win.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith on Being “Too Skinny”

A couple of years ago, Jasmine Curtis-Smith went viral after netizens her for being too skinny in her photos. But Jasmine was quick to respond and replied in the comment section of one of her photos that she lost weight because of her hectic schedule coupled with eating clean. 

“I lost quite some weight (recently), but nothing to be concerned about,” she posted. “Please don’t make me feel bad for how I look!”

Angel Locsin on Embracing Her Curves

One of the most popular Pinay celebrities in the industry, Angel Locsin has been very proactive in helping countrymen through humanitarian projects. When pictures of her surfaced online highlighting her curvaceous figure, which evolved from her “Darna” days, she paid no mind to critics and continued her advocacies and efforts in aiding others. It was proof that weight and should not matter. Because of this, more women admired and were inspired by the actress.

Like these , you can also embrace and love yourself for who you are. What matters most is that you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can be through eating healthy meals, finding time to exercise, and after while using Dove Relaxing Lavender Body Wash.

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