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A good motto in life or resolution will help you become a better version of yourself. It’s therefore time to reflect on the one you’d like to live by this year, if you haven’t done it yet. Go through the year that was and ask yourself what were some of your life milestones? It may also be good to come up with a list of challenges that you were able to overcome—and how you dealt with them. That way, you have a clear idea of how you want to move forward, and what your new life motto will be.

Some Ideas for Your Motto in Life This 2021

To help you come up with ideas, read some of the most important things Pinays like yourself want to live out:

  • We can’t become the person we want to be by staying the same
  • Never settle for anything less out of fear of something big.
  • Hardship is inevitable, but defeat is optional
  • Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them
  • Practice self-love so you can power through life’s harshest moments.
  • Be your own harshest critic to make sure you grow, but also be your own cheerleader so you never stop trying

Once you’ve decided on a motto in life, write it down and post your words somewhere you’ll see them. It can be something simple as sticky notes on your laptop—or get creative and design a vision board during your free time. They’ll be great reminders for you moving forward. Of course, don’t forget to take action.

Keeping a Journal

Another suggestion is to keep a journal, which can help you get to know yourself better. You don’t have to write anything complicated or deep on a daily basis. Write three things you’re grateful for. You can also write about an experience that allowed you to move out of your comfort zone. These progressions (however small you think they are!) actually allow you to stay on track and focus on the big picture. They’re also great reminders of how far you've come along! Trust us, you’ll be so surprised.

Share Your New Motto

Don’t be afraid to share your new motto in life or goals with your friends, too! Sharing those with others helps you materialize your dreams better. If you hit a roadblock or feel uninspired, you can always turn to your friends for some encouragement and emotional support. It always pays to have a set of people you can constantly rely on.

Whatever happens, don’t forget to celebrate the wins—big or small. Trust that this is a process, and it’s never going to be perfect. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll get there!

Let yourself start small if you feel daunted by your goals. If you need to brush up some skills or learn new ones, look for tips online or enroll in an online course. At , you’ll find free classes on business, communication, and art and design, thanks to Cream Silk’s collaboration with Edukasyon.ph. Remember that on your way to your goals, what matters is progress, not perfection