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The good-looking can get away with a lot. It’s likely why Snow White was quickly forgiven after breaking and entering, or how Cinderella could dance with the prince despite not being invited to the ball. Similar cases happen in real life, too – a concept the internet coined as “pretty privilege.”

So, is being attractive an advantage? Yes, in more ways than one. And if you don’t think it is, you probably have that golden ticket. Because only the beautiful are blind to the cloak of favor their gorgeous visages bestow upon them; they have never known life without it.

But alas, there’s a downside in everything good, specifically when it comes to pretty girl privilege. Scroll down to see how a face card that never declines can be a perk and a burden.

How Far Beauty Can Take You

Pretty privilege is as old as civilization. In , various cultures saw physical appearance as a reflection of inner virtue. Greek philosophers even had a word for it: kalos kai agathos, which roughly translates to “beautiful and good.” Traces of such bias seem to still be present today.

Scientists have long studied the existence of lookism, and they found that attractiveness does indeed pave the road to success. Professionally, those who fit the have a bigger chance of and promoted. Research also claims that makes you look more trustworthy, sociable, and intelligent.

We haven’t even counted the little amenities that people freely give to the tens but are not available to others. A seat upgrade from economy to business class. Special discounts at the bar. Random strangers offering you a hand without a second thought. We could go on. Turns out, you can have it all if you’re pretty.

Being Hot Can Be Not So Hot

They say pretty girls have it easy. While ranking high on the gives you a leg up in life, it comes with its pitfalls. Hostility from others is one of them.

It’s sadly common for folks to downplay the achievements and struggles faced by the attractive. People might assume that everything is handed to you on a silver platter or that nothing could ever go wrong in your perfect world. And the more you hear these kinds of comments, the more you doubt .

Did your boss give you a raise because of your looks? Or is that your impostor syndrome talking? You’ll never be sure. If you air your concerns, you might be perceived as a conceited crybaby who needs to be knocked down a peg. It’s a catch-22 situation – expressing your worries can be met with skepticism and, on top of that, accusations of self-centeredness.

The Unspoken Threat of Pretty Privilege

When you’re put on a pedestal for your sex appeal, your worth is often reduced to mere aesthetics. Your thoughts, feelings, and ambitions no longer matter to outsiders.

While are more popular among their peers, they can be seen as objects first and individuals second. Their friendliness is misconstrued as consent for sex. Moreover, this dynamic perpetuates the idea that those with pretty privilege need to pay back the attention they receive.

Is Pretty Privilege Toxic?

In the right hands, pretty privilege can be a mighty tool for empowerment. Those blessed with this advantage have the ability to influence and inspire others positively. Most of all, it can be used to amplify voices that might otherwise be marginalized.

It’s also important to lean into – not out of pressure to keep up appearances but as a way to appreciate your privilege. 

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There’s no shame in putting your pretty privilege to good use as long as you do it with awareness. Acknowledge your privilege, then wield it as a platform for advocacy and change. Whether it’s championing social causes, challenging unrealistic beauty ideals, or promoting inclusivity, know that you can “pay it forward.”