Asian woman with headphones around her neck sitting in a plane.

Being on an economy-class flight isn’t all bad, but it’s not all good either. For starters, you have less room in your seat, which means less storage space for your essentials. The experience can also give you sensory overload, making you restless and uncomfortable. A self-care kit can help make you feel more secure and the flight more pleasant. Read on for tips on how to put one together.

List Your Must-Brings

Make a list of things you want to add to your self-care kit – not to avoid forgetting anything, but to see what you can do without. can bring out the doomsday prepper in anyone, so make sure to bring only the essentials.

No one else can dictate what those are, but some universal staples include hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Skin care is also a must on flights, but bring a trimmed-down version of your daily routine, ideally in packaging.

Prepare a Lavatory Go-Bag

Any knows that toilets in economy-class cabins are not the roomiest or cleanest. They do not have a lot of counter space to lay your items on, and any available space is, somehow, always wet.

Having a dedicated waterproof go-bag with your lavatory essentials can make your life much easier. It doesn’t need to be fancy – a resealable plastic bag will do! Throw in anything you will need to use in the lavatory, including hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. Keep it simple. The idea is to have something easy to grab and go.

Keep Essentials in the Seat Pocket

Prepare a separate pouch to place in the seat pocket. It can hold other essentials you might need throughout the flight, like , eye drops, throat spray, or an extra face mask. You can also use it to stash your cables, power banks, and earphone cases organized in one place.

Throw in personal care items to feel and smell fresh, such as Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant Roll-On. This gentle deodorant smoothens the underarms while providing odor protection to keep you naturally fresh – something you want if you have a long journey ahead. Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush and closeup Red Hot Toothpaste, which cleans 99% of bacteria so you can have all-day AMA-ZINC fresh breath for up to 12 hours (with regular use).

Since economy-class seats don’t have a lot of legroom, make sure the pouch isn't too bulky. The smaller pouch will save you from having to take out your luggage from the overhead bins. It also means you can leave larger handbags up there, instead of under the seat in front of you, where it will occupy precious foot space.

Ditch the Bulky Pillows

Everyone knows is self-care, but what works at home may not necessarily work on an economy-class flight. Neck pillows may sound like a good idea, but they can be uncomfortable against flat backrests. Therefore, don’t even think of bringing full-size pillows to manifest a seatmate-free journey.

Instead, carry large silk or satin scarves. These can give you the warmth and coverage you need minus the bulk. Bring a breathable eye mask (like one made with terry cloth) to shut out bright lights, and your favorite pair of socks for comfy feet. You can ask your for earplugs if you’re having a hard time dozing off.

Throw in a Luxurious Treat

Up the quotient on your economy-class flight with your favorite luxuries. Think items that can lower your stress levels and help you feel calmer. A small roll-on bottle of mild or geranium can come in handy, especially on longer flights. You can also bring a mini gua sha or restorative gel patches to de-puff your under-eyes.

Being on an economy-class flight doesn’t have to be an ordeal – you’re traveling, which is something to be excited about. However, you can’t deny that it does come with a few inconveniences. Try putting together your self-care kit to put yourself at ease and make the journey more pleasant.