Professional Asian woman daydreaming at work.

A successful career is the product of days and nights of laying down a solid foundation, brick by brick. Integral to this foundation are short-term goals that give you mini milestones to work for and look forward to. Consider them your roadmap to personal and . If you’re ready for a career glow-up, aim to achieve the following in the next few weeks.

Create a Daily Schedule

Taking the time to write down your work schedule instills discipline and adds structure to your day. According to the American Psychological Association, uncertainty and unpredictability can leave you feeling stressed and powerless. This can be especially true at work when you’re anticipating requests and surprise assignments. You can minimize these feelings with a daily planner that itemizes your work tasks, breaks, and .

Doing this may also lead to realizations that can help you manage your schedule better in the future. These include discovering how many hours you actually need for work, how to prioritize tasks, and how to sneak in time for creative pursuits, , and

Have a Monthly Target

Setting a quantifiable for yourself can drive your motivation and increase your sense of accountability at work. These short-term goals don’t have to be lofty; something as modest as ticking one task more on your to-do list each month is a good start.

Author of Atomic Habits James Clear writes about the “magical zone of long-term growth.” This is the sweet spot that makes you work hard enough to make progress, but not too much that it’s unsustainable. He recommends narrowing down your targets to eliminate goal competition. Choose one target at a time, and make sure it’s measurable. 

Learn Something New Every Week

Make it your mission to learn something new each week. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a skill you can use at your job (nobody needs that kind of pressure). The point is to have fun, de-stress, and keep your mind engaged. Everything that you consume and absorb, including knowledge and abilities, informs your performance at work. It ignites a passion for learning and keeps you curious, which is an asset in any employee.

Make a New Friend at Work

Considering the average person spends an average of at work, it would help to have a friend in your corner to at least laugh with when times get tough. We’re not talking about networking here. Leave that for seminars and meet-and-greets. This is about making genuine connections with people you like.

A 2022 survey by found that those with work BFFs are twice as satisfied with their jobs and are twice as likely to recommend their employer to others. In addition, they are less likely to look for another job. Even found that 97% of new hires who talked to their work bestie often in their first 90 days become more productive. So, go ahead and buddy up! It’s good for you and your career.

Organize Your Workstation

Of all the short-term goals, this may be the easiest to accomplish. Yet, it’s often taken for granted because we’re conditioned to believe that a busy desk means work is getting done. While this isn’t necessarily untrue, the benefits of having an organized desk are clear. It helps you become more focused and , minimizes accidents, saves time, and reduces stress. 

In addition, suggests that the accumulation of because of procrastination can significantly decrease life satisfaction. That’s reason enough to never allow papers, giveaways, gifts, and the like, to build up on your desk.

Establish a Confidence-Boosting Routine

Although not work-related, a consistent self-care routine can indirectly help you perform your job better by boosting your confidence. Start with a repairing conditioner like Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Damage Control Conditioner, which restores brittle hair to health.

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You don’t need to overwhelm and overwork yourself trying to achieve unsustainable targets. These short-term goals, tailored to your situation and needs, can help you get one step closer to the career of your dreams while boosting your well-being.