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As workers become more and more aware of the pitfalls of busyness and the consequent burnout, the idea of throwing a side hustle into the mix of work and family responsibilities may sound like a big ask. However, not everyone can live off their 9-to-5 alone. Thankfully, the benefits of having a side hustle go beyond financial freedom — it can also contribute to well-being. Here’s how.

Gives You a Sense of Control

When it feels like so many things about your regular job fall beyond your control, getting into a side hustle can help. Since working on something on the side takes a lot of time management and planning, it can bring you the sense of control that you crave. Starting a business, for example, can be an exciting creative exercise where you get to be hands-on and involved in every aspect.

Diversifies Your Source of Self-Esteem

Toni Morrisson said, “You are not the work you do; you are the person you are.” Deeply attaching your identity to our job designations is not necessarily a bad thing. But this can be tricky when your work becomes your only “thing,” your one source of joy, pride, self-confidence, and fulfillment. Having a side hustle that you’re passionate about helps diversify your source of so that your happiness and self-worth are not so hinged on what happens to you at work.

Provides a Mini-Break from Your 9-to-5

A shift in perspective can turn your side hustle — which can sometimes feel like a lot of extra work — into a necessary and welcome break from your 9-to-5 job. If you think of it as a means of creative cross-training, your side hustle can feel like rest while it stimulates other parts of your brain. As author and speaker Srinivas Rao defines it, creative cross-training is immersing yourself for a short period in an art form that is not your primary one, and by doing so, exercising other faculties.

Alleviates Money Worries

Of course, the main advantage of having a side hustle, or as Pinoys call it, a raket, is earning extra money. If you stick to a side hustle long enough, whether that’s a small business, a second job, consultancy services, or freelance creative work, it can contribute to your financial freedom. Consequently, this also contributes to . As cited in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine, favorable financial conditions contribute to , reduce the risk of depression, and .

Contributes to Personal and Professional Growth

Having a side hustle may seem like a means to an end (money!) but it can also help you develop different underutilized skills and discover new talents. It’s more than just about earning more; it’s about your personal growth and professional development, whether or not your raket is related to your main line of work. Trying out different things can lead to an expanded network of friends and work connections, and of course, enriching experiences that make the time and effort you invest in it worthwhile.

An Energizing Routine for Hard Workers

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If you have the time and the bandwidth, go ahead and take on a side hustle. Apart from increasing your earnings, it also contributes to your personal development and wellbeing.