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In a nutshell, social health is the way you form relationships and interact with other people. Last year, emphasis was placed on physical and mental well-being. Still, the pandemic also took a toll on this other aspect of health, especially since many social health activities continue to be put on hold.

Before the quarantine, social health concerns were a non-issue. Going out with friends, having lunch with a coworker, or dropping in on a spinning session was so ingrained in your daily life that you never noticed them. But with limited social interaction, you’re beginning to discover what you’ve taken for granted.

According to Harvard Health, social connection isn’t merely a matter of, well, socializing. It influences your long-term well-being as much as sleep, diet, and exercise. Studies have shown that consistent social support has fewer health problems and tends to live longer. 

But how do you keep your social health peachy with today’s physical limitations? Here are some ideas to help you maintain a bustling albeit digital social life. 

Join a Book Club

As the world moves online, some people find comfort in bridging old-school loves with the convenience of technology. Numerous book clubs have sprung up in the last year as a way for people to pass the time and reconnect with friends old and new. 

Based on the paper “Book Clubs: Conversations Inspiring Community” by Nathaniel Petrich, book clubs inspire you to finish what you started, broaden your perspective, fuel engagement and critical thinking, and stimulate ideas and creativity. As a bonus, you can finally dust off the pile of books that has been sitting on your shelf untouched for the past few years. 

Book clubs also combine reading and socializing, both of which have proven benefits such as alleviating stress, lowering blood pressure, improving brain function, and easing insomnia.

Take Up Something New And Unexpected

Surprise yourself! Walk out of your comfort zone and learn something new. How about a digital cooking workshop or even a virtual art class? It doesn’t have to be serious and productive — although it can be if you end up liking it. The point of this exercise is to disrupt your routine and introduce you to new experiences and new friends. 

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Jump Into a Group Fitness Activity

Back in the days, BC — Before COVID — gyms and fitness centers were a great way to meet new people. It hasn’t changed just because the venue’s moved online. 

Exercise has well-known benefits, such as boosting your mood, keeping you fit, and bolstering your creativity. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal notes that it even prevents many chronic diseases and is associated with a reduced risk of premature death!

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Organize a Spa Day With Your Amigas 

It’s a regular Saturday night, but instead of a spa, you’re in your own rooms, watching your favorite movies together and simulating a virtual DIY sparty.

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Take a Social Media Day Off

It may sound ironic. After all, most of us take and receive the majority of our social interaction from social media these days. Moreover, a study by Sarah M. Hanley, Susan E. Watt, and William Covent, and research by the American Psychological Association, reveal that there was no positive impact on active social media users who went on a self-imposed internet hiatus. Both surveys also conclude that social media doesn’t decrease person-to-person interaction.

However, it’s not about what you’re missing on the screen but what you’re missing in front of you. Take your social media day off to interact with actual people — your parents, your partner, and your kids — minus the distractions of a phone ringing. Make time to bond, look at people in the eye, and just appreciate good, old-fashioned conversation. 

There are so many aspects of health. When you’re busy working out and managing your stress levels, don’t forget to engage in social health activities, too. Talking with your friends and interacting with other people will do wonders for your overall well-being.