Woman resting after exercising

Sweating is usually associated with being dirty and yucky. After all, no one likes the smell of sweat much less the feeling of lagkit that goes with it. Most people avoid perspiring during the day, but did you know that sweating benefits outweigh its cons? Sweating through exercise and physical activity contributes to overall health and more. Find out why you sweat and why you shouldn’t get turned off by it!

Why Do People Sweat?

Sweating is your body’s natural way of regulating temperature. Your body sweats to release heat when the temperature rises, which occurs when you exercise, stay out in the heat or sun for too long or have a fever. A person's body temperature is typically 37 degrees Celsius (or 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Overheating can lead to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. It can also be life-threatening. So, yes, sweating is essential to being alive – never mind the icky feeling it brings.

What Is Sweat Made Of? 

In case you’ve forgotten what you learned in high school, sweat is made up mostly of water. But did you know that it ? Yep, that’s the reason why your sweat is salty. Some people lose more sodium than others because they sweat more.

The amount of sweat you produce depends on several factors, such as your – if you lead an active lifestyle, your body size, and even your age. Of course, you also break into a sweat when you eat spicy food and are nervous or stressed. So, if you hate sweating, unfortunately, you don’t have a say in the matter. The good thing is the number of sweating benefits outweighs the cons.

Sweating Is Good for You

If you still haven't enrolled in that Pilates class, these sweating benefits may just be the push you need.

Sweat is good for your skin.

Notice how your skin becomes with regular exercise? Thank increased blood circulation and sweat. According to , sweating is like a natural moisturizer, boosting skin hydration. 

Of course, you shouldn't marinate in sweat the whole day. It can block your pores and may cause breakouts. Keep yourself fresh by . Go for quick-drying, breathable fabrics to prevent bacteria from multiplying on your skin. After your workout, wash your face with POND'S Aloe Vera Jelly Cleanser. It contains 100% and to give you hydrated, glass skin. 

Surprise, surprise: Sweating makes you happy.

A proves it, too. According to the journal, chemicals in sweat can induce emotions. It notes that “happy sweat” from other people can also give a positive vibe. Moreover, sweat is just another by-product of exercise, which also releases feel-good chemicals in your brain. When was the last time you felt sad right after an intense workout? The rush of adrenaline and endorphins helps you feel pumped and energized. 

Sweating indicates fitness.

According to this , people who lead an active lifestyle are most likely to sweat more. Your body adapts by cooling down (sweating) the moment you engage and start moving. So, if you sweat more than your sedentary friends, it's just a sign that you're much fitter.

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Releasing all that excess energy at the gym will always be a good choice for your health. The next time you find yourself too lazy to engage in physical activity, think about all the sweating benefits you can get from showing up at the gym.