Asian bride getting fitted into a wedding gown with a designer.

Watch enough episodes of the wedding-gown shopping show Say Yes to the Dress, and you may see a pattern. Brides who try on more than three gowns are instantly branded spoiled, picky bridezillas who want nothing less than the best for their wedding day. You may see the lack of logic in that. Why shouldn’t they want anything other than perfection on what could arguably be the best day of their lives?

Bridezilla or not, here's why you should embrace and enjoy planning your wedding day however you want.

Where Does “Bridezilla” Come From?

The image conjured by the words "bride" and "Godzilla" should be enough of an indication of what this term means. Former Boston Globe columnist Diane White coined it in 1995 to describe unreasonable brides who disregard budgets and opposing opinions, make insane demands, and throw tantrums to get their way.

While women who go irrationally postal on their wedding day aren't exactly role models, the term has evolved to define every bride who experiences a kind of breakdown during the whole wedding-planning process. Which, by the way, is to begin with.

What Does It Mean to be a Bridezilla in the 2020s

An article by states that the term – in its current iteration – needs to retire. Jen Glantz, founder of wedding-management company Bridesmaid for Hire, says it now refers to any woman who cares about her wedding day: "It's being used to describe a woman who's asserting her opinion, who's asserting her needs, who has emotions."

Suddenly, anyone who whips out a detailed spreadsheet broken down by themes, budget, plans A to Z, and pegs is a monster bride! But if bridezilla entails paying attention to detail and high standards, then you might as well own it. Here’s how you can flip the script and change the message of this seemingly deprecating label.

You know exactly what you want for your wedding day.

Even in this day and age, many women still dream of their wedding day. From the frilly lace ballgowns you used to draw when you were nine to the sleeker you pin on Pinterest as an adult, you shouldn’t be berated for having certain expectations for your big day.

Besides, weddings cost a pretty penny, so why should you settle if your budget allows it? Why not get something that makes you happy? Obviously, trying to spend money you don’t have is a different issue, but whether you want an or a bombastic bash, go for it. Remember, every detail will be immortalized in photos.

And you know how to get what you want.

The pressure on brides to be perfect on their wedding day is intense. They tell you to focus on yourself, but you’re also expected to please all the guests with an unforgettable party. And when you do focus on yourself, you’re a bridezilla.

You shouldn’t apologize for all your mood boards, timetables, and spreadsheets. A wedding day is a massive, overwhelming undertaking. You taking on the challenge of organization makes it easier on everyone else – and cheaper, too, because you don’t need to get the full event coordination package (that’s a freebie bride tip from us!).

It’s a form of self-love.

Not every woman gets a day dedicated to them, so yes, you have a leeway to be a bit selfish. A reveals that brides these days are too afraid to go after what they want for fear that they might disappoint their bridal party or guests. They’re always second-guessing whether to serve more meat or make their uniform.

Going after what you want and shrugging off the background noise takes strength and demonstrates your respect and . It’s only one day, and it’s your wedding day. It should be all about you – and your groom.

Other Ways You Can Focus on Yourself

Now that you can shut out all those comments, it’s time to concentrate on yourself. Don’t forget to reward yourself with self-pampering as your wedding day nears. Have your digits painted, get a facial, and start an exercise regimen.

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Forget the matrimonial prep stress. These products will make you look more like a bride-chilla than a bridezilla. Turn away from labels and have a great wedding day!