Woman in black tube top and sunglasses on her head smiling to the camera.

Despite our different goals in life, we share the same desire: to always be on cloud nine. However, there’s nary a definite answer to the age-old question of “What is happiness?” Some might say it has everything to do with money and luxury, while others find it in their victories. In other words, it’s a state of mind that cannot be achieved with a single formula.

Much like the box of chocolates Forrest Gump once mentioned, happiness can come in various shapes and flavors. Big fireworks are undeniably thrilling, but the not-so-obvious micro joys can be just as impactful. They’re easily attainable and are present in daily happenings, regardless of what life may throw your way.

So how do you unearth these micro joys? These Filipinas answer “What is happiness?” by sharing the small yet profound sources of joy that brighten their days.

Discovering New Tunes

Few things in life are as exciting as listening to your favorite song for the first time. The more you hear it, the better it sounds. This often overlooked micro joy strikes a chord with Maxine Lumague, a copywriter and music aficionado.

“I drop everything to really pay attention to the song I’m listening to. Sometimes I dig deep into the melodies and instrumentation of the song – even the vocal runs and riffs!” She adds it grounds her soul as she juggles her deadlines in a fast-paced, high-pressure industry.

The penchant for music is also a subject researchers have explored to get a glimpse of what is happiness. Studies find can boost happiness and lower . The type of music is important, too. Classical is said to be most effective at improving mood, while heavy metal is not as helpful. But, hey, whatever gets you grooving will do!

A Cozy Night With Comfort Food

A night out might be fun and all but after giving your 110% at work, doing nothing really hits the spot. It’s the “no thoughts, just vibes” kind of thing. And for HR manager Melody Neri, kicking back and nestling into her couch puts her at ease. “A night in with my favorite Netflix show, a coffee mug in my hand, and my dog on my lap. That’s my idea of happiness,” she shares.

Melody’s recipe for a blissful evening doesn’t end there. “Eating pizza, pasta, or nachos is comforting to both my and grown-up self.” These things make her feel immense gratitude. She claims, “The future is unknown, but I’ll always have my happy place.”

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Waking Up to a New Morning

Springing out of bed at 7 a.m. only feels dreadful for the first five minutes. Don’t believe us? Ask project manager Eina Castillo. “I enjoy the warmth of the sun on my skin, the sound of birds chirping, and seeing other people on their morning strolls. It allows me to reflect on what I’m thankful for.”

To fill her morning schedule, Eina either takes her dog for a walk or breaks a sweat at the gym. “Working out makes me . She’s strong and capable to take on anything. Honestly, that level of satisfaction in myself is more than enough. I mean, what is happiness without self-worth?” Touché.

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Reading at a Café

Brand strategist and self-proclaimed tea connoisseur Rafi Ong is living her dark academia aesthetic, and she finds it so much fun. Think modern-day Jo March with a tote bag and a Kindle in one hand.“I like café-hopping with a book to keep me company. The smell of roasted cocoa beans, slow jazz music, and hushed ambiance calm my nerves. I can fully immerse myself in the fantasy world without disturbance,” she says. 

When her head’s not in a book, Rafi opens her laptop and concentrates on her work while sipping her favorite iced tea. “I’m never without a cold drink, especially when stress gets in my way. It’s like a mini pause to remind me today is not all that bad. I can still power through it and enjoy myself.”

Hanging Out with Loved Ones

What is happiness if not the cherished moments spent with our nearest and dearest? Being in the comforting presence of your support system can turn dark clouds into rainbows.

“I absolutely adore talking and teasing my loved ones, especially my sisters and my partner. Their laughter and playful banter never fail to bring a smile to my face,” attests Ancela Abay, a UI/UX designer whose K-drama expertise knows no bounds. When life gives her lemons, her mantra is simple: be grateful for life’s blessings, and tough times become insignificant.

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Everyone has a different answer to“What is happiness?” For these inspiring women, the mundane becomes extraordinary with a little bit of perspective. That’s the essence of micro joys – recognizing small wins even in the most random places.