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Having a fulfilling, exciting career can be one of the most rewarding things in life. Of course, it will come with ups and downs. Some days will be less stellar than others and there will be moments when you might feel detached and uninterested. What do you do when you encounter a slump? Here are some ways to rediscover what motivates you at work and rekindle your drive.

Declutter and Decorate Your Workspace

A great work environment contributes to a healthy professional life. This includes the overall vibe at the office and your physical workspace. It can be difficult to stay focused and motivated if your office is cluttered or doesn’t feel like your own.

According to a study by Princeton University, clutter also limits the brain’s ability to process information. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try organizing your desk to improve your workflow. Clutter can also affect your health because piles of paper, boxes, trash, and unclean surfaces can hold germs and mold. can help improve hygiene conditions and create a fresher, more pleasant environment for getting things done.

Learn Something New

Are you drained and exhausted? Try learning a new skill or pursuing intellectual challenges. It may sound counterintuitive. However, giving your brain more to do can help alleviate stress and keep you motivated. Harvard Health states focusing on learning can prevent negative emotions and burnout. Taking on a challenge can also help you develop feelings of competence and self-efficacy, bolstering your motivation.

Take a Break

Burnout is real and it can make you feel all sorts of negative things about a job that you love. Taking a break from work is essential to your productivity and more importantly, your well-being. The American Psychological Association notes that feelings of burnout have to do with chronic stress and usually come with physical symptoms.

Taking micro-breaks throughout the day can help reduce stress and improve your work. Never skip lunch and always take afternoon breaks. If you have a smartwatch, wear it. It will remind you to get up from your work chair from time to time. If negativity and exhaustion are building up, consider taking a to recharge.

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Talk to Your Manager

You can try talking to your immediate manager or another trusted superior about your feelings. Together, you may be able to assess what motivates you at work and how to get that energy back into your life. Note that you’re talking to a boss, so be honest but choose your words wisely. If you’re feeling overloaded, unappreciated, or lost at work, let them know so they can help you find solutions. You don’t have to carry the weight alone.

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Connect to Company Culture

Many people feel disconnected from their work and coworkers, especially while working from home. A new study conducted by UK company Business Electricity Prices found that 53% of remote workers feel isolated, left out, and worried about not being included in office happenings. FOMO is real, and it can lead to anxiety and loneliness.

— as in joining virtual challenges, online parties, and chat groups — can help ease feelings of FOMO. Put simply, try to make friends. Start with people in your immediate team and expand from there. If your company doesn’t hold any virtual gatherings or inclusive programs for remote workers, talk to your HR department about it.

Remember Why You Do It

What motivates you at work? It sounds cheesy but remembering why you do it can bring about an attitude of gratitude. Do you work to support your family, buy nice things, save up for vacations, or spoil your pets? Whatever your reason and purpose, keeping this as your North Star can help guide you through tough times.

Harvard Health notes that gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness in positive psychology research. It helps you feel positive emotions, nurture relationships, improve your health, and savor good experiences. may just be the key to rekindling your motivation.

It’s completely normal to feel disconnected at work and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Remembering what motivates you at work can help you revive lost drive and maybe even renew your passion for what you do. Give the above tips a try and see how they work.