Asian woman in white tank pinching her armpit fat.

You may have been there before: lifting your arm to do the wave only to have your jiggle from side to side. The next course of action– apart from bowing your head in shame–is hitting up your old friend Google for a good armpit fat workout. 

The thing is, spot reduction, whether through armpit fat exercises or doing crunches to get , is one of the biggest exercise out there. You can lump it in with needing to feel a “burn” when you exercise or getting bulky from heavy weightlifting.

“Whether you’re focusing on your glutes or just your triceps, to lose weight in just one spot is impossible,” explains National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer Michael Tsur. 

Don’t despair there’s still a way to look good in halter and tube tops. Understanding spot reduction (and why hundreds of fitness influencers are wrong) and the causes of armpit fat, while following a proper diet and will help you bid this stubborn area adieu. 

The Truth Behind Your Armpit Fat

Where you put on weight is largely decided by genetics and gender. According to a , weight distribution in women is more likely to be impacted by genetics compared to men. So, if you are a woman with relatives who have armpit fat, chances are, you have it too. Your armpit fat could also be axillary fat a.k.a. “pit chub” or excess breast tissue. It could also be as straightforward as your posture. The more you slouch, the more obvious your armpit fat will be!

Why Spot Reduction Won’t Work and What to Do Instead

The internet is rife with influencers who teach us that we can get rid of our “granny arms” with cable press downs or “saddlebags” by doing . These are examples of spot reduction or isolated exercises focused on reducing fat in a specific area.

While doing them might feel like you’ve burned some calories, they won’t improve your overall fitness. “Spot reduction only targets small muscle groups instead of focusing on overall fitness,” adds Michael.

Fret not. There are other methods to get rid of armpit fat beyond spot treatment. Here are some fitness trainer-approved ways to banish your extra arm jiggle for good.

Diet for overall weight loss.

Since it’s impossible to lose weight in just one area, you’ll need to focus on overall weight loss. And weight loss won’t happen without proper nutrition and focusing on a calorie deficit. It doesn’t mean you need to eat salads and go on a cleanse; you just need to than you consume.

Build more muscle.

Big pat on the back if you’ve already started . If you’ve been doing lots of cardio, it’s time to level up with some weight training to build muscle. Weight training is an important part of any fitness routine and can help enhance muscle tone, minimize injury and improve overall health. 

To lessen the appearance of armpit fat, Michael suggests strengthening and toning the muscles in the surrounding areas. “You can target and develop a certain muscle group to help you see more definition,” he explains. “You can also work on more compound exercises to burn more calories so you can reduce overall fat.”

And if that doesn’t work, you can always try:

Getting fitted for a bra.

Sometimes, an ill-fitting bra might be the cause of your armpit fat problems. If your bra feels tight, your armpit chub is probably peeking through. A revealed that 70% of women are wearing bras that are too small – which goes to show that a bra-fitting sesh might be in order for some of us.

Choosing the right outfit.

A great outfit has the power to change your day. Whether it’s a sexy cutout dress or a and vintage bellbottoms, what you wear could boost your mood and confidence. Using Rexona Women Powder Dry Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant can add a little kick to your step too. Aside from its clean, powder scent, it also offers 72 hours of sweat and odor protection for a dry and confident feeling.

Everyone has a bit of loose skin in different places. It’s completely normal – even the fittest people have their share of flab. But just like there’s nothing wrong with excess armpit fat, there’s also no shame in wanting to do something about it. All you need to do is follow a holistic approach to weight loss. It includes following a well-balanced diet, exercise, better-fitting clothing, and a positive body image. You’ve got this!