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Every body that chooses to wear a bikini is a bikini body – regardless of its size and shape, whatever the season or place. It’s been 61 years since mass media warped beauty standards when they coined the term “beach-ready” and today’s women are reclaiming it – doing amazing things in bikinis, no less. We ask these inspiring women how they celebrate their bikini bodies and learn about how to improve our relationship with ours.

Discover What Your Body Is Capable Of

“I’ve struggled with my body image and how, in this age of social media, posting a photo of yourself opens you up for criticism,” admits neophyte free diver Kamille Untalan. The liberating feeling of floating underwater shifted her focus. “In my pursuit of discovering my passion for freediving, I was amazed to discover how my body can do things I never knew I was capable of. Now I appreciate how my body keeps me alive and healthy so I can do the things I enjoy.”

Less than a year in, posting footage of her dives hasn’t just been about documenting her progress. “Now, I hope people get to see that everyone can make the most of life no matter what size they are.”

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Care for Your Body the Way It Cares for You

“My body – even when it's bloated, has some textured skin, and isn't completely hair-free – doesn't need to be ‘ready’ to be in a bathing suit,” says writer Gabbie Tatad-Koppenhaver. “By virtue of being a body that takes care of me and carries me through life, my body is always a bikini body and then some.”

In return, she gives it the care and protection it needs. Our skin is our body’s first line of defense against the elements, such as . Just like Gabbie’s, your pre-bikini routine doesn’t have to be complicated: “I celebrate my bikini body by moisturizing, , putting a bikini on, and heading to the nearest body of water.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Bare Your Skin

The beach is the perfect place to . Let your skin soak up all that vitamin D, be one with nature, and celebrate life. “Celebration goes by way of being unafraid to bare skin no matter what shape or size I’m in during the beach trip,” says stylist Meg Manzano.

Meg isn’t letting get in the way of getting the perfect shot–or an unforgettable adventure. “It doesn’t matter if I think my body is ‘beach-ready’ or not. A ‘beach-ready’ body for me is any body that’s in a bikini – ready to soak up the sun and get that tan.”

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You Are More Than Your “Flaws”

It’s far too easy to indulge in self-hate and nitpick your flaws when you only have your half-naked selves to contend with. But learning and leadership development specialist Gienah Contreras-Respicio turns the situation around and sees her body’s potential. .

“I celebrate my bikini body by loving it,” she says. “I , eat right and wear clothes that accentuate my body type. I also love every bit of its imperfection such as my stretch marks and scars because these marks remind me how strong I am.”

Give yourself a break from the stressful mindset of following “bikini body workouts” and instead commit to a healthy regimen that keeps your body moving and makes you feel better about your body. Instead of squeezing yourself into a suit made for a different body type, , and learn how to pick the perfect bikini for your body.

Posing for the ‘Gram? Ask Your Friends to Help

Content creator Angelica Brimner exudes confidence throughout her platforms, but it hasn’t always been that way. “I’ve always been insecure with my body. Growing up looking at magazines, I didn’t really fit the ideal type. As a kid, I was always labeled as big-boned,” she admits. “Social media helped. You can see all types of bodies on social media, and it just makes you think, ‘If they can do it, so can I.’”

In need of an extra boost? She has a few tips: “Know your angles and have a best friend coach you into getting that perfect bikini picture!” She shares, “My best photographers have always been my sisters and they’d also direct my poses. At the end of the day, celebrate your bikini body because there is only one you!”

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Embrace How Our Body Looks and Moves and Evolves

“Society has placed so much pressure on bodies to look a certain way to be ‘acceptable’ in a bikini, that a lot of people end up never wearing a swimsuit at all,” Jillian Q. Gatcheco-Cantada says. “I celebrate it by not calling it a ‘bikini body!’”

Your body is already doing so much for you. Instead of hiding how they change as you grow, she encourages, “Embracing and proudly flaunting how our body looks and moves and evolves is the best way to celebrate it!”

Don’t let society’s outdated standards hold you back from living your best life in your bikini body and do you! Love your body – bikini and all.