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You may be inclined to believe that many people are averse to life changes. However, this assumption isn’t quite accurate. From breaking up with your partner to trading your condo for a better one, change is a natural occurrence that you generally welcome – inadvertently or not.

Why You Think You Fear Change

Words like stability, guarantee, and reliability are warm blankets that keep you cozy in your comfort zone. Unfortunately, according to the Handbook of NeuroLeadership, their antithesis – the uncertainty that comes with change – registers in your brain as an error that you must rectify.

Whether switching up your or making a , sometimes you just need time to adjust.

Here are other reasons you might be averse to change

  • Your history. Negative past experiences with change may have programmed you to react negatively.
  • Loss of control. You might be afraid that loosening your grip on the steering wheel might lead you astray.
  • Lack of gratification. You may not see how the change will benefit you.

Why You Should Actually Love Change

You don’t need a psychologist to tell you that change is a part of life. Do you recall how, when you were 12, you wanted to grow up? How about now that you’re planning to invest in a car? These "typical" milestones are examples of how much you crave change.

Major life changes are exciting.

The reason these transformations are so thrilling is neurological. Remember your brain’s amygdala? This tiny nut-sized structure is responsible for helping you process emotions. It sees change as a threat, triggering a fight-or-flight response. Whichever option you choose sets off an adrenaline rush. Who needs bungee jumping when you can dive into a life change? Jokes aside, change requires a different kind of risk-taking.

Life shifts take you somewhere.

The destination is secondary. What matters is that change means you’re going somewhere. You’re growing, learning, and challenging yourself. Your ability to endure, if not embrace, change proves that your current situation isn’t some predetermined plan. You know you can always be better.

You get a fresh start every time.

Everyone loves a – even if it’s self-perceived. The idea of a fresh start inspires and, consequently, . Massive life changes allow you to step into new chapters, making you less fearful of making mistakes because you understand that your story isn’t over – and you can easily revise it.

How to Handle Change Better

Yes, making a significant life change can be scary, but now you know you can soldier through with the proper mindset. Here are a few quick tips that can help you .

Study the benefits.

Knowing what’s in it for you is a foolproof motivator. What are the pros of changing jobs? Transferring to a new neighborhood might be tiring initially, but the work commute may be more tolerable. Giving up fried food might be a chore, but think about the perks for your cardiovascular health.

Face it head-on.

"Change is the only constant in life” may be an overused maxim, but it’s nonetheless true. You can’t avoid change, so you might as well confront it with conviction. The adjustment might make you sweat, but it's nothing a good antiperspirant deodorant can't fix.

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Take it one step at a time.

Not everyone can jump into a major life change with both feet. Some people may require baby steps, which is okay, too. If you find the shift daunting, break it down into more accessible goals. Are you expecting a baby? Take it one month at a time. Prepare a checklist of what to do before the big day, lumping the tasks under time frames.

Truth be told, life changes may or may not suck. But be open to them. Either way, you learn something.