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No one knows how a day for romantic couples traces back to Saint Valentine. The Church recognizes at least three saints named Valentine, all of whom performed some passionate act for others. As the years went on, February 14 became a beacon for all forms of love, not just for your Significant Other, but for your parents, teachers, and friends. But don’t forget yourself. You live in an era where self-love isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged. It’s okay to love yourself, too. So, own it, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

Do you need to be convinced why you should celebrate how much you love yourself? Here are just some of the reasons.

Why SHOULDN’T You Love Yourself ?

First of all, the alternative doesn’t have good results. What can you get from self-loathing and self-criticizing?

Many people are hesitant to dive into the love yourself movement because they feel it implies selfishness. Well, according to Aristotle, intention draws the line. He argues that those who love themselves for unnecessary personal gain exhibit the worst kind of self-love. However, those who love themselves for virtuous reasons are the best kind of good.

How you distinguish between the two kinds is entirely up to you, but according to a self-love study by PLOS One, loving yourself is innate because it presents an evolutionary, self-preserving advantage. Researchers surveyed 1,519 participants who had to choose between themselves and their “favorite other.” The conclusion demonstrates that while the respondents explicitly chose their favorite, they implicitly preferred themselves.

The paper, however, does mention that this unspoken inclination doesn’t consider the societal, emotional, or cultural context.

You Are More In Control

You owe it to yourself to take the load off your shoulders and free yourself from the shackles of other people’s expectations. It stops you from constantly worrying about what other people think or about negative events that happened in the past. Self-acceptance can do wonders for your self-esteem and, consequently, .

You can’t make yourself love others, but you can try to love yourself. Choosing yourself can make you feel more empowered, in control, and confident.

You Can Help Others Better

It may be a controversial claim. However, you are the most important person in your life. Yes, even if you believe that your partner, child. or mother is the reason for your existence. If you want to take care of them or spend the rest of your life with them, you have to take care of yourself first.

The whole “put on your oxygen mask before assisting others” is a strange irony, but it does make sense. It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself to be effective for others.

You Will Always Want to Improve Yourself

Self-acceptance also inspires . When you love yourself, you want to be the best version of who you are. You always want to and you never stop trying. Self-love means you understand your potential and you are continually growing.

You Can Inspire Others

can encourage others to do the same. For example, think of what you are showing your children. They’re not seeing a perfect person, but someone who can learn from her mistakes, respect herself and others, appreciate herself for who she is, and deserve happiness, too. Witnessing you love yourself permits others that they can love themselves, as well.

Extensive psychological research reveals how much more challenging it is to extend love for yourself than for others. Self-love means embracing your insecurities and acknowledging failures. It’s a lot to swallow, but it’s not impossible.

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Self-love can come in so many forms, but the benefits are all the same. It’s not easy to do, but that’s why choosing to love yourself is worth celebrating every day.