A female young professional holding a tablet

From being branded social media-obsessed to being accused of killing dozens of industries, young professionals often face stereotypes that undermine their capabilities. The disdain toward the newer generation is anything but surprising. After all, people have griped about how "youth is wasted on the young" for decades. But is there any truth to the whole "lazy workers" narrative?

Data from a in 2023 reveals that half of Gen Z and Millennials have side gigs to drum up their income. While their schedule is packed with back-to-back meetings, another poll says 67% of workers under age 35 are satisfied with their work-life balance.

Statistics prove that the so-called generations are, in fact, hustlers. The most important question is how they can juggle multiple jobs and be on top of their personal lives. To get answers, we talked to several young professionals about their tried-and-true routines to boost productivity.

Have a Solid Morning Ritual

Working in a fast-paced industry can be a rewarding yet tiring journey for young professionals. The intense workload can lead to stress, increasing the . Art director Issa Lafuente has experienced this, and now she is figuring out how to make work fit into her life, not the other way around.

“I do a laid-back morning routine. After waking up, I meditate for 10 minutes, enjoy my breakfast with a cup of coffee (this is a must for me), and finally start my day,” she explains.

Issa also admits that having one to two hours of quiet moments helps keep her grounded and focused. “I have something other than emails waiting for me, which excites me to get out of bed. It's also like rebooting my brain before I plunge into work.” And she's not wrong. According to a study published in , waking up one hour earlier can lower depression rates by 23%.

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Be Aware of Your Biological Prime Time 

One of the most popular productivity tips that world leaders advocate is the eat-the-frog method. Simply put, it's a process of tackling tasks from the hardest to the easiest, so the proverbial frog doesn't taunt you every minute of the day.

However, the opposite approach might be more effective for afternooners like Kristine Arzadon. “My brain can't handle big tasks in the morning, so I tend to work on the easier and smaller tasks first before I allot my full attention to the most challenging ones later in the day.”

She also adds that her job as a project manager means her number one distraction is the countless pings from her colleagues. Since her energy peak is after lunch hours, she usually puts her and reads the messages after she's done with the biggest task of the day. “This allows me to focus more because I know I won't have to do anything else after,” she says.

Planner and Reminder App Is Your Friend

Switching hats between jobs is a balancing act that can stumble even the most talented . “The struggle is real! I keep a planner, run phone reminders, and even have Alexa ‘nag’ me to manage my time effectively,” says Trizha Abul, an entrepreneur who moonlights as a food writer.

Leveraging technology as a personal assistant can be a game-changer for young professionals striving to stay productive. With a plethora of innovative apps, smart devices, and digital platforms at your disposal, you can streamline your workflows, optimize your schedules, and ensure no task falls through the cracks.

Another thing to help you be more productive and still enjoy life is to schedule . “I like to give myself little rewards when I accomplish a task, ”Trizha shares. Whenever stress piles up, she taps into her by playing a round of Mario Kart or Mortal Kombat. “If I'm mentally blocked, I bake or down my bathrooms.”

Find Your Drive

Social media executive Maila Fernandez confesses she has encountered a few slumps in her six-year career, especially when starting new responsibilities. Her experience can be linked to impostor syndrome, a growing problem in many young professionals. “I remind myself that no one starts off being excellent. It's just a phase I have to go through to hone my skills and hopefully become better at it.”

The pestering that pushes you to work twice as hard is not a healthy way to prove your abilities. Rather than obsessing over getting approvals from others, pause and ask yourself, what is your motivation in life? For Maila, it's spending time with her inner circle. “Watching my cat grow and bonding with loved ones lift me up every day,” she exclaims.

Don’t Feel Guilty to Enjoy Time Off Work

Have you been putting off your well-deserved break? Sure, going OOO can be pretty daunting with the complicated paperwork and unforgiving deadlines. However, continuous work without breaks will wear you out.

Jianne Orcelada, a social media lead at a multinational company, has some sage advice when it comes to finding joy outside of work. “Be protective of your time. Take those to travel, catch up on some z's, or fall into your hobbies. You'll go back to work feeling more refreshed and energized.”

When you run out of PTO, you can restore your energy and get your creative juices flowing with mini breaks. It can be as simple as singing a few songs (Jianne's fave), taking a long shower, or doing both at the same time!

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The work-hard-play-hard lifestyle is not an impossible feat, as these young professionals show. By implementing some productivity tips and prioritizing well-being, you can achieve great success without sacrificing your personal life.