Emma Stone as Cruella wearing black and white wig

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your Halloween look. These fun and creative Halloween costume ideas are perfect for the beauty-obsessed. Each will need a bit of makeup know-how, a few minutes of mining your closet, and maybe a new hairstyle that’s worth keeping. Take your pick.

Cruella 2021

Perfect for a virtual Halloween party, this Cruella costume serves a strong beauty look. As long as you have a black shirt (bonus points if it’s leather), you’re good to go as far as the costume is concerned. However, the look from the neck up will take a bit of effort. The piece de resistance is a half-black, half-platinum wig, which is easy to come by thanks to the film's popularity.

Thankfully, the makeup uses a universal palette that most people would have lying around the house. Focus on the shading from the eyebrows down the bridge of the nose. Then, note the dramatic flick on the outer corners of the eyes. These subtle details will spell the difference between a regular dramatic smokey eye and Cruella’s smoldering stare. For the lips, take note of the exaggerated Cupid’s bow. Use a matte red shade with blue undertones to match the cool palette. 

Since you’re rocking a red lip, which can be unforgiving to the teeth, make sure you have a sparkling smile, too. Use All Around Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste to keep your pearly whites healthy and clean and your breath fresh.

Cassie from Promising Young Woman

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up sexier than usual. But a sexy nurse? Overrated. What about a sexy and sinister nurse, instead? Carey Mulligan’s twisted character in Promising Young Woman is so memorable, it has become a popular Halloween costume choice.

Again, you will need a wig for this, unless you have the time to go all-out Rainbow Brite before October 31. Complete the beauty look with some intense eye makeup (think borderline Nurse Joker eyes), pink lipstick, and some surgical tools. 

Keely from Ted Lasso

Believe it or not, Keely rocked this racy look for the series’ Christmas special. Still, it makes for an excellent Halloween look — just like all her looks do! The key to being Keely is . It has to be sleek, and it has to be big. 

You can achieve this by using a styling mousse to add shine and sleekness to the base of the ponytail and teasing the “tail” to add more volume. Don’t forget to wear over-the-top accessories, such as giant gold hoop earrings, which are very Keely.

Olivia Rodrigo in the Sour Album Cover

As far as Halloween costume ideas go, this one’s easy! Bring out your plaid skirt and pink tank top, all your silver jewelry, some black nail polish, and lots of stickers. Now comes the fun part: j stick the cutest ones on your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Don’t forget to paste the letters S-O-U-R on your tongue. The farther you can stick it out, the better. 

The makeup look is minimal, but the hair is major. You’ll need long, shiny waves to channel the pop star. Get your hair looking this good by using Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable regularly. This shampoo contains five flower essences that make hair five times more manageable and boosts shine.

Lorde in “Mood Ring”

She sings softly and carries a lit palo santo stick. That’s Lorde in the music video for “Mood Ring.” In it, she rocks another memorable look, wearing a pistachio two-piece silk number and . This shade of green is popular nowadays, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find pieces in this dress (you might even already have some at home).

If you’re Pinoy, you are most likely not blonde, so you’ll need a platinum blonde that’s kind of . No Farrah Fawcett waves, please! Keep your face as bare as possible or go for a no-makeup makeup look. Focus on shaping your brows instead to get the Lorde look. 

Prep for this midriff-baring look by using Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion daily. This lotion restores dry skin three times longer and helps it look noticeably healthier with Vaseline Jelly.

Alexandra Trese

Halloween won’t be complete until somebody dresses up as the Philippines’ resident maligno hunter. Perhaps one of the easiest Halloween costume ideas to pull off, you just need a long black coat, black tights, and black boots. 

The key element in this costume is the hair. Trese is known for her short, jet black asymmetrical layered bob and triangular bangs. Yes, kind of like the shape of a widow’s peak. If you already have bangs, you’re in luck! All you need to do is mold the strands into shape with wax or hair gel and you’re good to go.

Like these Halloween costume ideas? Why not take them for a spin before the big event and see how they turn out!