A collage of two women trying out the Aged TikTok filter.

Have you ever wondered what your 60-year-old self would look like? The viral “Aged” TikTok filter gives you a glimpse of the future – no DeLorean time machine required. The catch? You may not like what you see. Not because the result is of low quality. On the contrary, it’s eerily precise – pigmentation, , , and all. Everything you’ve been told to avoid is etched onto your digitally aged visage.

While the before-and-after transformation can be jarring, it unearths the disquieting truth: many of us are averse to growing old. But why does looking older scare us so much when we know it’s something natural?

A TikTok Filter Can’tPredict Your Skin’s Future

The lifelike “Aged” filter is a product of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Many experts believe that this level of accuracy is also achieved through a process known as (GANs), the same one used in Deepfakes.

The systems work in tandem to scan your face, create an aged version of yourself, and tweak it until the result matches "real" data. So unlike the cookie-cutter AR filters that overlay pre-designed effects onto your face, the modernized filter generates a hyperrealistic image of what you might look like in 20-40 years based on your facial characteristics – from the shape of your eyes to the .

As realistic as this TikTok filter may be, it’s not a crystal ball by any means. Dr. Joyce Park, a board-certified dermatologist, said in “We all age at different rates depending on our genetics, our lifestyle, how we take care of our skin, what procedures we do. This filter is not giving you a 100% look into your future.” Plus, room lighting and makeup can significantly influence how your face appears with the filter on.

Aging Is a Blessing, Not a Curse

Staring at your aged-up visage through the TikTok filter, your mind goes through what seems like the five stages of grief. First, denial and anger set in. “That doesn’t look like me,” you’d think, almost defensively. After all, you have been diligently every day, haven’t you? Then comes bargaining, followed by disappointment. Maybe if you got Botox injections, wouldn’t be too pronounced.

As the initial shock subsides, you may come to a place of acceptance. You can do every hack imaginable to delay aging, but it will come eventually. The more you think of it, the more you realize it’s a privilege. That means more birthdays to celebrate. More stories to tell. More wisdom to share.

How You Can Embrace Aging

Of course, accepting the inevitable is easier said than done. Women are subjected to ageist beauty standards, which creates unrealistic expectations and amplifies the fear of aging. As revealed in a 2018 survey, nearly feel “invisible” once they enter their forties. Meanwhile, middle-aged men are celebrated for their salt and pepper hair and deepening crow’s feet – the same features women are judged for having.

Recent discoveries also show that younger generations are not immune to age-contingent self-worth. According to a UK-based poll, more than aged 18-25 feel extremely conscious of their looks due to an increased use of video technology like TikTok filters, with 16.7% considering getting cosmetic surgery.

Old habits die hard. Although you can’t wipe out sexism and insecurities overnight, you can slowly learn to appreciate the marks of time shown on your body. So, start your journey to acceptance with these steps.

Find things to look forward to.

For every person disliking the “Aged” TikTok filter, a number of users are excited to grow older. Many even find peace in seeing a resemblance with their loved ones.

Feel the anticipation grow as you muse on what your life will be. Perhaps you'll live in your dream house, hosting weekly dinner parties with old friends and traveling to far-off places in your spare time.

As for now, indulge in a skincare regimen to make yourself feel good. POND'S Age Miracle Anti-Aging Night Cream with 15X Retinol C and Niacinamide to Boost Collagen helps strengthen your skin barrier, even out , and to maintain skin elasticity. Apply it before sleep and you’ll wake up with a radiant and plump complexion.

Engage in positive self-talk.

Your words hold power. Joking about your laugh lines with girl pals might be funny at first, but it slowly feeds into the negative beliefs you unknowingly hold about aging. Therefore, incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine. For example, “I am happy with who I am, inside and out,” or “I am confident and capable at any age.”

When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re also shifting your focus from anxieties. If you’re worried about early-age hair loss, try Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner. This 3-in-1 solution works by strengthening the hair strands, taming rebellious frizz, restoring shine, and repairing intense damage.

Stay active and healthy.

Aging well means nurturing your body and mind, which you can do with regular exercise. Choose a physical activity that suits your fitness level, whether it’s , walking, swimming, or . To complement your active lifestyle, use Dove Radiant + Care Deodorant Dry Serum 3% Niacinamide 10x Collagen Deep Renew on your kili-kili. It’s basically skincare for your underarms that deeply nourishes and brightens while protecting you from excess sweat and odor.

A single TikTok filter doesn’t get to define your value and worth. Rather than seeing signs of aging as flaws to be corrected, view them as beauty marks that represent experiences that have shaped you.