A pixelated image of a couple against the rainbow flag.

We see more LGBTQIA+ couples in public and in popular media, yet most still need to censor themselves or be discreet when expressing love for their partners. This Pride Month, the message is clear: anyone should be able to kiss, hold hands, or simply get close.

No love should be hidden – not blurred, cropped, or pixelated. And love certainly shouldn’t be hindered by a lack of confidence. Get closer and show your love with Pride. Be #FreeToLove with closeup.

Falling in Love Isn’t Just for a Special Few

closeup has been celebrating closeness in all its forms for decades now because falling in love shouldn’t be exclusive to a select few. It’s for anyone who wants to experience it.

closeup created an installation to encourage you to see love in its full spectrum. As you get closer, you’ll see that each pixel in this giant heart mural reveals different portraits of LGBTQIA+ couples (Yaaas! That’s more than 150 pairs!).

It’s a space to celebrate what it means to get closer despite the challenges they face daily and provide actual visibility to seemingly hidden members of the queer community!

Flex your support! Take a selfie with your partner on the other side of the installation and share it online to celebrate love. Don’t forget to tag @closeupph and include the hashtags #FreeToLove and #closeupPH.

These LGBTQIA+ Couples Are #FreeToLove

These four couples featured in the installation shared their stories of a love that was once hidden but is now celebrated more freely.

Watch their full stories here! 

As an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, closeup believes that everyone should be #FreeToLove! The brand has always been about getting closer – whether it involves public displays of affection or getting up close and personal with all-day AMA-ZINC fresh breath.

Falling in love and celebrating it can be a lot easier – and with these touching stories of LBGTQIA+ couples, hopefully, more people will open their hearts and agree. Visit the closeup installations at Market! Market! From June 9-10, Fort Strip, BGC from June 16-17, and June 24 at the Metro Manila Pride March.