Women wearing period costume

The standards of the Regency beauty were perfectly spelled out in the racy, period TV series Bridgerton. Characterized by the glaring shift from elaborate, over-the-top style to softer, more natural features, the era is a period of beauty in transition fitting for the age of refinement. In the show, this progression is depicted through the stark contrast between the styles of the young and mature royals. These Bridgerton looks make us wonder: how exactly do they pull it off? Here are six ways you can do beauty like royalty.

Massive Dos Are Massive ‘Dos

Sure, sky-high hairdos and wigs were on their way out, but that didn’t stop Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rosheuvel, from blessing us with her outrageous Bridgerton looks. The Queen does what she wants, and in the photo is one of her most elaborate headpieces to date.

If you want to do hair like Regency royalty in the 21st century, one way to do so is by wearing it up into near-sculptural buns, ponytails, and curls. In the show, she wears a wig. However, if you’re using your own hair, make sure to use strengthening products to make it resilient to the

Pale, Delicate Skin Was In

Emphasis on “was.” Season 2 Bridgerton looks are showing more diversity among the cast. But you didn’t need to know that you can rock these looks whatever your skin color. Instead, focus on luminous, dewy skin. Dry cracked hands? Simply intolerable. You can achieve this healthy glowing skin, first and foremost, by staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays can cause moisture to evaporate from your epidermis, dulling your dewy glow.

On your body, apply Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Dewy Radiance all over to even out your skin tone. Don't forget your hands, elbows, and neck — the most common locations to develop skin discoloration.

Richly Colored Locks

Whether it’s a deep caramel, a radiant blonde, or a fiery red, hair color definitely makes an impact in the Bridgerton world. To look like a royal, make sure your hair color is always in tip-top shape. If you’re , follow the instructions precisely. Take care of your colored locks by moisturizing them daily with a conditioner for colored hair.

To prevent dryness and damage, use a deep conditioning mask once a week. Finally, when your roots start to peek out at the end of the month, spray them with TRESemmé Root Touch-up Spray, which comes in three variants, Black, Dark Brown, and Light Brown.

Mini Bangs (But Tread Lightly)

The Bridgerton sisters may have starkly different personalities, but they do share a love for baby bangs. Daphne’s baby bangs and how they evolved throughout the first season were symbolic of her coming of age. So, maybe, the case is the same for her feisty little sister Eloise? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, if you’re going to try bangs, go with less drastic to ease you into the style.

Bring Your RBF

Given that world of Bridgerton is full of scheming and intrigue, best to bring your best RBF to ward off the busybodies. The perfect accessory to match bejeweled gowns and crows, the RBF is something you should own and celebrate. Ignore the stigma — you don’t have to smile if you don’t want to.

According to a study by the University of California, women with RBF are better at communicating and expressing emotions because they’ve had to work extra hard at it their entire lives. So, ahead, smirk like the Queen, it’ll get your everywhere.

Empire Waist All the Way

Empire-cut dresses... what’s not to love? While mostly deemed unflattering in modern fashion, empire-cut, also known as empire-waist dresses are one of the most prominent Bridgerton looks. With their origins in Greek art and fashion, empire dresses are lighter and more comfortable than their corseted counterparts and were worn in warmer climates. The raised waistline denoted a high status in the era; plus, the lighter the fabric, the wealthier the wearer.

Feel even cooler when you use Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant Roll-On, which protects you from sweat and odor with a refreshing cucumber and green tea scent.

Drawn to Bridgerton looks? Start with the baby steps above to incorporate some Regency beauty trends into your routine.