Woman brushing her teeth.

When you hear the term “self-care,” the first thing that might come to mind is a relaxing bubble bath or perhaps a . While both ideas certainly fit the bill, it’s important to note that doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair—at least, not all the time anyway. Something as simple as brushing your teeth counts, too, especially when you use closeup All Around Oral Care every day.

Here are five ways this new closeup toothpaste acts as a daily pick-me-up:

It Gives You Minty, Fresh Breath

Nothing kills a conversation faster than a case of halitosis. When your mouth is prone to unsavory odors, make sure you're using for breath. With that fresh closeup mint green toothpaste with a menthol fresh effect, you can focus more on what you really want to say and less on what your breath smells like.

It Gives Your Teeth a Thorough Cleaning

There’s just something so satisfying about having just brushed your teeth. It isn’t just about the feeling of having cleaner pearly whites, but also the knowledge that you’re less likely to have odor-producing bacteria building up in your mouth.

It Prevents You from Getting Those Pesky Cavities

Cavity-causing bacteria thrive on the food that’s stuck in between your teeth, but brushing with closeup toothpaste can help prevent them from multiplying as well as help strengthen your teeth against tooth decay.

It Works Hard to Fight Bacteria

Are you using toothpaste? Closeup also contains , an antibacterial agent in toothpaste which helps fight up to 99 percent of bacteria and helps prevent plaque, tooth decay, and gum infection. Talk about a triple threat!

It Helps Lift Plaque

Poor eventually leads to plaque, otherwise known as the white gunk made of remaining buildup between your teeth and on your gums. You don’t have to worry about that though as long as you’re armed with your toothpaste’s deep-cleaning formula and a good floss!