Closeup of a woman getting lip filler injections.

Cosmetic surgery, from minor “tweakments” to full-on invasive procedures, is now part of the modern woman’s . Although it’s not quite as popular in areas outside of Metro Manila, the market is expected to over the next four years – which means more “who dunnit” Instagram posts and TikTok videos breaking down celebrity before-and-afters.

In the meantime, the practice remains mostly hush-hush, especially within the largely conservative Filipino population. That is, until your favorite Marites brings it up over brunch. So how do you talk about cosmetic surgery in a tasteful and, more importantly, respectful way? Here are some guidelines.

Don’t Bring It Up Out of Mere Curiosity

Are you the type of person who yells “Cow!” when you happen to see a cow? You’re not alone. Call it a passenger princess thing, but everyone’s done it at some point. And while there’s nothing wrong with stating the obvious, a little bit of discretion, especially when it comes to other people’s tweakments, can go a long way.

If you’re wondering if someone you know had some work done, resist the urge to bring it up. In this case, the polite thing to do is wait for them to share. And if they don’t, remember it was never any of your business anyway.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Despite its rising popularity, cosmetic surgery is still a sensitive subject that not many may want to discuss. Consider it a privilege should a friend open up to you about her . She may feel vulnerable during this time, so be very careful with how you respond.

If you feel strongly against getting cosmetic enhancements, maybe keep it to yourself for now. Instead, you can ask about how the procedure went or how your friend is feeling. And avoid gossiping, obviously.

Avoid Judging the Results

In general, avoid commenting on how good (or bad) it looks. It’s not your place to judge a procedure’s success or failure. It's also best to avoid comparing one person’s results with another. Oh, and never say they look better than ever, which can be taken as a backhanded compliment.

Don’t Ask to Touch It

Unless you’re super chummy with the person who underwent cosmetic surgery, do not attempt to touch or inspect the work they had done in any way. After all, it’s still their body and they still have the right to . Getting fillers, implants, or any other form of modification is not an invitation to scrutinize – yes, even if you are just genuinely curious.

Stay Neutral but Supportive

No one really knows anybody’s motives behind getting cosmetic surgery. It’s a personal choice that doesn’t need justification or explanation. When in doubt about what to say, just remain neutral but supportive. You’re not here to encourage or discourage because the outcome is out of your hands anyway. So, instead, ask your friends if they need anything or just be present. Leave your kunsintidor and nega tendencies at the door.

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Despite how common it is on social media, cosmetic surgery is still a sensitive subject in real life. So, tread lightly and be respectful when discussing it with friends, colleagues, or family.