Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are a couple in new music video

These days, getting close to another person can be a challenge. Despite all the ways we have become digitally entwined, are still necessary — and increasingly challenging to maintain. In closeup's latest video, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano show us the struggles of getting close and how they power through.

A “Closer” Look

In the clip, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano play their characters Deib Lohr and Maxpein in the hit series He's Into Her. With their busy schedules and individual needs getting in the way of their relationship, Maxpein and Deib Lohr hit a wall and go their separate ways. Will they ever be close again? Here are some tips we gleaned from the video on how to stay connected and in sync with your partner:

Communicate with each other and work as a team.

The couple’s conflict begins when Deib Lohr plans a monthsary beach trip on his own without consulting Maxpein, who had other plans. In this instance, their failure to communicate their needs resulted in an unnecessary argument. Working as a team — whether to plan activities, chores, or the future — can make your bond stronger.

Express how valuable your partner is to you.

In the video, Deib Lohr doubts Maxpein’s commitment to their relationship. From his point of view, Maxpein prioritizes other things and doesn’t want to spend time with him. Maxpein, on the other hand, feels she is being excluded from planning and doesn’t feel heard or appreciated. Communicating feelings is key to . Of course, you value your partner, but do you tell them?

Apologize when you’re wrong — and move on.

After some time, they realize they must adjust if they want a harmonious relationship. Deib Lohr writes her a letter saying he’s sorry; Maxpein accepts and apologizes. Both owned up to their shortcomings and never looked back.

Spend quality time together to get closer.

Knowing they didn't want to drift apart, the couple decides to celebrate their monthsary after all — against a virtual beach backdrop. Though far from the original plan, everything that led to that moment brought them closer. Sometimes, spending quality time with your partner doesn’t come easily. But Deib Lohr and Maxpein prove it’s possible even with busy schedules and varying interests. You must put in work, commitment, planning, and communication, but you can do it.

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