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Getting close to someone can be tricky in this day and age, but with an open mind, a supportive community, and a dose of confidence, love can win. To quote Maya Angelou, “Love recognizes no barriers.” This from closeup is built on this truth — that everyone should be #FreeToLove — and helps the young and young at heart navigate every kind of relationship with valuable love advice and support. 

What is Love for All? is a new resource that helps people deal with what matters most: the ability to get closer without hesitation and enjoy the thrill of falling in love. A 2019 global whitepaper by toothpaste brand Closeup states that eight out of 10 youths want to be free to love someone regardless of his/her background, but only three of five feel like they actually can. The whitepaper also cites that in the Philippines, along with Indonesia, Brazil, and Nigeria, young people want counseling to help them cope emotionally. 

Love for All’s Mission

Love for All’s mission is to shatter these barriers and create a safe space for all kinds of love. The website is a celebration of the first movers and barrier breakers of different kinds of love. Through inclusive articles and topics on non-stereotypical relationships, the site normalizes the diversity of love. This initiative hopes to help build a world where everybody is free to love, and actively defend this freedom. 

Here, you’ll find expert advice, different perspectives, and true stories that hope to inspire and provide the to pursue the relationship that you want — whatever that is. Since 46% of young people who are in unconventional relationships fear discrimination in public, it hopes to help build a community where they can feel heard, understood, and accepted without judgment.

What’s Inside?

Readers can browse articles according to Relationship Type and Relationship State. Relationship types include Same-Sex, Inter-Caste, Inter-Faith, Inter-Racial, Inter-Class, and Age Gap. While Relationship states are Starting Out, Getting Serious, Dating, and Parting Ways. Want to find out what it’s like to be with a person of a different religion? Curious about the emotional impact of a secret relationship? Be inspired and find advice here. 

The site also features a Find Help function, where readers in need can turn to Closeup partners for direct support. In the Philippines, Love for All has partnered with She Talks Asia, which is committed to increasing the global representation of Asian women, and Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, which provides support and education for those experiencing depression.

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Get love advice, valuable insight into unconventional relationships, and inspirational true stories of love through . Follow the hashtag #FreeToLove for more information.