A woman setting dress against herself while looking at mirror.

Few moments in life can make you sweat: a job interview, your first trip alone, and meeting someone new. Questions, such as whether you should buy new clothes or rummage through your wardrobe, wear sneakers instead of heels, flood your mind. Planning your first-date outfit can be understandably daunting, but it becomes simple when you fall back on an age-old tip: be yourself.

Your ultimate goal should be to wear comfortable clothes that match your personality and the occasion. Open your closet and find half the answers there. The other half? Keep scrolling to find inspiration for a flattering first-date outfit that will hopefully show off your charm.

1. Sundress + White Sneakers

This combo is the first-date outfit every Y/N wears in Wattpad fan fiction. Even TikTok has a dedicated space for debating why men love women in sundresses. Women shouldn't have to dress for men, but the beauty of sundresses is that they work both ways. Sundresses are comfortable and convenient, and you can choose from numerous styles.

Choose a ruched sundress with puffy sleeves for a more romantic look. More of a sporty gal? Choose one with thin straps or cap sleeves. And yes, you can wear sneakers on a date. Any colored sneakers will do, but why not go with the all-time classic white kicks? They let you walk, run, dance, and twirl without worrying about blisters.

2. Sleeveless Top + Maxi Skirt

Who says a first-date outfit has to be casual? If you're going to a fancy dinner, you won't go wrong with a maxi skirt. These flowy garments can work from day to night. If yours has patterns and bold colors, stick to a muted, plain top. Remember to hit that happy medium between subtle and off-the-wall.

Since it's hot and humid all year round, you can pair your long skirt with a . Sweat-proof your garb by applying Rexona Advanced Brightening + Anti Stain Dry Serum Deodorant. The formula contains vitamins E, F, and C to moisturize and brighten your underarm area. It also dries quickly and won't stain your garment.

3. Matching Top and Bottom Set

Exude carefree and fun-loving energy with a matching set of your favorite color. It takes less stress and time for you to get ready. Remove the shirt and tie it around your waist when it gets too hot. Accessorize with acrylic earrings, sunglasses, and enamel pins.

For your shoes, pick whatever suits your destination. Kitten heels or mules will make you look more put-together for a fancy brunch spot. But trainers and boots are just as cool and practical for a more adventurous date. 

4. Jumpsuit + Sandals

Are you practical yet elegant? The jumpsuit's shape resembles a long flowy dress, serving an effortlessly chic and girl-boss attitude in one look. Besides, it's malfunction-proof attire for zealous queens.

In a hurry? Ditch the heels and grab a pair of posh sandals. For petite ladies, platform or chunky sandals should give you an . Prep your feet before wearing sandals. on your heels and the surrounding dry skin the night before. Wear socks to bed and wake up with soft paws.

5. Crop Top + Jeans

It's the cool girl-next-door era, with It Girls like Kendall Jenner and Jennie of BLACKPINK rocking a crop top and jeans off-duty. This first-date outfit is everything you want to show to a potential romantic partner: sexy, easy-going, and charming. Polish it with a , emphasizing your best facial features.

Wear a tinted moisturizer as your makeup base for a sheer and skin-like finish. But if you're a , go ahead and paint your face. It may add to your confidence.

Be your best self with these first-date outfit ideas. Remember that you can pull off anything as long you wear the right attitude. Relax and have fun. Even a bad date can become a funny story to tell your friends someday. Good luck!