LGBT Asian couple holding up the Pride flag

The freedom to choose whom to marry is not a universal right for all — in this world, at least. In the metaverse, an entire universe that unlocks with your fingertips, couples, including LGBTIA++ members, can get married and celebrate their love. It’s not make-believe: it’s a unique and cool opportunity to find more ways to express your devotion. Do you say you love your partner to the ends of the Earth? This metaverse takes your relationship to another level because here, it’s #FreeToLove.

Closeup City Hall of Love

An entire world built on the freedom to love, this metaverse is stripped of prejudices and preconceived notions of what is acceptable and brimming with welcoming, inclusive energy.

Awaiting couples at the closeup City Hall of Love in Decentraland is an immersive experience that allows them to immortalize their love on the blockchain. In this metaverse, can get married, mint their own marriage certificate, and even throw an after-party to celebrate with guests.

A safe space that values equality and inclusion, closeup City Hall of Love is a world that you can explore with an avatar of your own design. Feel free to be your and choose from a variety of , , , clothing, and . There’s no judgment in this metaverse — everyone is welcome and free to love.

Road to the Metaverse

Closeup invites couples to explore this metaverse — and maybe even say “I do” — by creating a Decentraland account and MetaMask wallet. Once you and your partner have your accounts and avatars, visit the and find the Cupid Angel, your guide to the minting process.

You could also share your love stories on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #CloseupCityHallofLove.

to connect and celebrate love in the metaverse and IRL with and gums. Brush with Closeup Red Hot Toothpaste. It has antibacterial zinc to prevent bacteria breath for all-day freshness and micro-shine crystals to avoid cavities and brighten your smile.

The freedom to love and get married should be a universal right, but such is not the case. The closeup City Hall of Love is a world where you get to rewrite the rules in a space that doesn’t judge, exclude, and discriminate. Learn more about it at / or watch the YouTube video