Woman with half blonde and half brown hair laughing while walking on the beach.

Everyone has green flags they’d like to see in a partner. Some are basic by standards, like being respectful and a good texter. However, most people aren’t likely to put “highmaintenance” on their list, for several reasons. The label implies a person – often a woman – who is demanding, self-absorbed, and overbearing.

The high-maintenance girl is usually portrayed as a shopaholic like Blair Waldorf or a mean queen bee like Regina George. She’s motivated by two things: expensive stuff and compliments. And you’ll never catch her barefaced. All these stereotypes are dubious at best and sexist at worst.

Despite the slander, wanting the very best for yourself is an admirable quality. Keep reading to know why you should embrace your high-maintenance habits.

You Take Responsibility for Your Happiness

If a man gives you the whole Jerry Maguire’s “You Complete Me” speech, you’d run for the hills. The idea that everyone must find their “other half” to be fulfilled is misguided and strikes as co-dependent, which you are not. You are content being single. And when you’re in a relationship, you’re in it because you want to, not because you need someone to cling to.

Perhaps the biggest green flag of all is your self-reliance. Rather than waiting for your partner or friends to shower you with attention, you make the effort to pamper yourself. Others may mistake it as vanity, but what’s so wrong with going the extra mile for your happiness? Guilt-tripping a woman for prioritizing her emotions and physical needs, on the other hand, is reductive and ignorant.

You Know Your Worth

Having a penchant for the finer things in life doesn’t make you a maarte. If anything, it reflects the amount of respect you have for yourself. Picky and fussy? No, you’re just selective. The big difference is you don’t impose unrealistic expectations on others. Above all, you’ve discovered what matters to you and what doesn’t. Those who can’t appreciate your standards or are offended by them can kindly scoot to the left.

You’re Ambitious and Not Afraid to Take Charge

The not-so-obvious green flag of being high-maintenance is a deep . Of course, your go-getter personality is going to be branded as impractical and bossy by some. You're difficult to work with because you ask too many questions. Your perfectly styled hair, , and bold outfits are perceived as trying too hard. Cue the eye roll.

However, your so-called finicky nature can also propel you further into the spotlight. Just look at how Sharpay Evans' fabulous (and glittery) life paved her bop to the top. Or how Elle Woods' expertise in won her a court case and the respect of her peers. It’s giving alpha female energy – strong, confident, and independent.

You Always Show Your True Colors

What people see is what they get. One reason equals living authentically is you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. To be treated exactly like you want, you must speak up. You’re aware that playing it cool and burying your feelings to protect everyone’s peace only results in regrets. So why pretend to not care when you actually do?

When it comes to dating, your openness also makes you an excellent communicator, and that’s a big, bright green flag. You have no qualms in expressing your wants and needs clearly. Mind games and guesswork are out the door.

Treating Yourself With Kindness Is a Green Flag, Too

Life is too short to settle for anything less than extraordinary, which includes acts of self-care. It’s not an indulgence but a necessity that benefits your personal image. So, make every detail of your routine count, starting from the shower.

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So is being high maintenance a red flag? The short answer is, no. If someone calls you high maintenance, that means you’re a walking green flag with a killer sense of style. Full stop. So, do your and wear that badge with pride.