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Disappointment sucks. Unfortunately, life is full of them. One way or another, your hopes and expectations will get shot down. Your or you might not get that promotion. You might have misplaced a keepsake or faced a massive loss. Fortunately, you can get past these sadder moments – although it may not seem like it. Do you need a little pick-me-up? Get back on your feet. Here are tips on how to be happy again.


Be sad. Be angry. Be frustrated. Be anxious. Be numb. You’re allowed to be all these things after disappointment. Let it out. Didn’t Voltaire say, “secret griefs are more cruel than public calamities”? Acknowledging your feelings means accepting your loss. Experiencing these emotions early also helps keep them out of the way when you are ready to move forward.

Take a Break If You Need It

If you feel too emotional and not thinking clearly – again, a perfectly understandable response – allow yourself a respite. Take a personal day from work (some companies even offer pet bereavement and break-up leaves these days). Use this time to pick up the broken pieces. Besides, major setbacks are exhausting. You need the energy to bounce back!

Recognize Your Setback

Denial will only set you further back. Accept that you had a setback. The wise Maya Angelou once said, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.” Think about what happened. What were the factors that affected your failure? Were they beyond your control? Could you have done better?

Doing a quick post-mortem of the situation may seem a too-methodical antidote to your devastation, but when your emotions cloud your judgment, having specific steps to follow can guide your path. Truly, separating yourself from the problem gives you a better view of the situation and is a crucial stage on how to be happy again.

Focus on What You Can Control

After diagnosing the issue, think about the factors that didn’t involve you. Then, list down points you could have done better. Use this knowledge to make better decisions when you try again next time. Remember that you tried, so you can try again. 

Remember You Are No Victim

You lost, and that’s awful. However, you can move on. If you lost a job, take this time to consider other options. If you ended a relationship, use this chance to focus on yourself. Luck and circumstance may not have been on your side, but there are still so many opportunities for you – although they may not always be obvious.

How you live your life won’t be established by what happened. Ultimately, your next decisions and actions will determine your fate.

Do Something That Makes You Happy

Whatever the setback was, it’s only one aspect of your life. Do something that will make you smile. Find a . Treat yourself. What better opportunity is there for ? Hang out with friends or go on a vacation. Buy that purse. Bake some bread. Eat carbs! . Wash your hair with Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Shampoo. It cleanses and volumizes hair by ridding away the bag stuff that brings your hair down – nifty metaphor, don’t you think?

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Laugh It Up

Remember when Mr. Big publicly jilted Carrie at the altar? It only took some well-timed toilet humor for her to start guffawing again. are truly an unrivaled, non-prescription medication. A 2020 PLOS ONE study shows that laughter helps release stress, improves your focus, and fuels optimism. Psychologist Bryan E. Robinson also says humor is an ideal fallback during hard times since it counteracts negative self-talk.

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Do Good

Do you want to know how to be happy again? Be kind. Despite your setbacks, you have the power to act morally and ethically. Do some good. No matter what happens, spread love, not hate.

A University of Rochester study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality, discovered that those who lived a meaningful life felt happier. Moreover, the feeling comes around! Research suggests that happy people tend to be more generous about helping others.

Isn't that just a great way to learn how to be happy again? By the way, if you’re feeling uncontrollable sadness, depression, or anxiety, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Contact the at 1553, 0966-351-4518, 0917-899-8727, 0908-639-2672.