Asian businesswoman shaking a client’s hand

Speaking in front of your peers is intimidating enough; imagine pouring your heart out on the pageant stage. It takes a special kind of person to do that, in a swimsuit, no less. And you can be her. Pageant mentor Mafae Yunon-Belasco, Personality Development Director for Miss World Philippines and Miss Universe Philippines Advisor to the Board, shares tips on how to boost self-confidence and harness that power in everyday life.

How do beauty pageants boost the self-confidence of their contestants? While there's much debate surrounding the value of such competitions, there is no doubt that there's much to learn from them, especially with a mentor like Mafae. It teaches women to interact with other women, confidently voice their views, and be enough to perform on an international stage.

You, too, can get a confidence boost without joining a pageant if it's not your thing. Here's what Mafae has to say.

Be Clear About Your Goals

“I was a shy kid. Apart from having my parents, who were great mentors, I had sports. Sports and being a tennis player allowed me to . It played a huge part in my life and taught me that it’s up to you: do you chase the tennis ball, or do you let the ball pass you by?” Mafae says.

“When I meet the delegates, I always ask them why they are joining. What they want to achieve. When they can share their goal, that’s when I see potential.” empowers you to go get them.

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Improve Your Communication Skills

“In the pageant world, you need to represent the country to people from all walks of life. When you’re there, you don’t have your glam team to tell you what to do. You have to have it in you.”

Working on your communication skills enables you to talk to anyone and everyone. It gives you the confidence to speak your mind. Mafae recommends always initiating conversations. “You have to initiate these conversations to improve your life. You must set things in motion.”

“Bonding with others is also learning. It opens up opportunities that you wouldn’t have encountered had you been glued to your phone. Carry a business card around, that’s always a good opener,” she advises.

Always Be More Prepared Than Expected

“When it comes to pageants and answering questions, it’s really about getting to know who you are, staying relevant, understanding the news and how they relate to your beliefs and advocacy. How do you bridge that with your personal story?” Mafae shares. One way of preparing is consuming information and being mindful of the information you consume: how can it help you improve and achieve your goals?

“This can apply to entrepreneurs. Learning a new language, for example, will broaden your horizons and your company. Mandarin, Spanish, French. If your goal is to build something, you should learn everything about it. My pageant was held in China, so I learned the basics of the language so I could communicate better. How to boost self-confidence starts when you prepare and practice.”

Start Your Day from a Positive Place

“What are your daily habits? It's important to do something positive each day. I start with an attitude of gratitude. Those : ‘Whatever I do next, I’m okay.’ Find your happy space and go from there.” 

Start your day with a by brushing with closeup Red Hot Toothpaste. After brushing, write down a plan and stick to it. Pageant delegates have to follow a very strict schedule and accomplish specific goals each day. Fortunately, mentors, advisors, and entire teams guide them on what to do.

Most people do not have teams, so Mafae recommends creating a schedule that puts you on top of your goals daily. “This way, you mentor yourself. Intentionally plotting your schedule according to what you want to achieve is planning your life one day at a time.” Setting these specific, measurable goals can boost your confidence and . Something as simple as having a schedule reminds you of your path — and to stay on it.

You can apply Mafae's on the and in everyday life. Like most things worth the effort, it takes practice and a lot of work, but ultimately, you'll get the courage to conquer the world — the universe, rather.