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Remember all those times your mother would instruct you to stand up straight? Well, she was right. Good posture won’t just leave you feeling more confident but does much more for your overall health. If you’re sick of backaches and know something’s off just by looking in the mirror, learn how to have good posture to boost self-confidence and feel like you’re in top form. 

It helps with balance, maintains proper form while exercising, and strengthens your performance in intense physical activities. You’ll have fewer headaches, improved lung capacity, and higher energy levels. It’s no wonder your mother was so adamant about it.

Sleeping Right

It’s important to understand that posture isn’t only from the way you sit or stand. Other factors, such as your sleeping position and mattress, also matter.
Pillows help you create ideal sleeping positions. If you sleep on your back, a small pillow behind your knees will help your spine while supporting your lower back. If you feel most comfortable sleeping on your stomach, place a pillow under it to help keep your spine aligned. When you sleep on your side, slip a firm pillow between your knees to lessen stress on your lower back and hips

And if you love pillows in every nook and cranny of your bed, you’re doing something right. Your ears, shoulders, and hips should be aligned when you sleep.

On the other hand, when choosing the right mattress, you’ll need to ask yourself if it is comfortable and if it gives you the support your spine needs. The National Sleep Foundation recommends switching your mattress every six to eight years. But if you’d like to know more about your back or are currently experiencing problems, consult a physical therapist or a health professional. 

Taking Breaks

Working long hours, looking at your phone screen, slouching while being a couch potato for long periods, and even carrying groceries impacts your back and posture. These may bring your shoulders forward, causing you to stoop.

“It overstretches and weakens the muscles in the back of your shoulders and shortens the muscles in the front of your shoulders and your chest. Gravity then pulls the muscles forward because the muscles are too weak to pull them back up,” states a study by Harvard Health Publishing.

The back pain you feel after being in a certain position for too long may indicate that your body needs a break and a quick stretch. If you’re already sitting in a chair, you could take a minute or two to do chair arm circles. Slowly turn your neck from left to right, with deep breaths in between, to release tension. You can also stretch out your wrists while in an upright position. Another way to ease the discomfort would be to stand up and move around for two minutes to maintain your blood circulation.

Integrating Simple Exercises

When you have more than a few minutes to spare, go for a full . Exercising can help and keep you mentally and physically fit. such as cat-cow, wherein you arch and curve your spine alternately while you are on all fours, can help “reset” your posture. like planks can also give your back more support.

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Ditching Heels for Comfort

While they add oomph to your outfit, heels cause foot, ankle, knee, hip, and spine problems. According to the National Library of Medicine, elevating your heels can cause your center of gravity to shift forward. It forces your body into certain positions, such as arching your back, pushing your pelvis forward, and tightening your calves. You don’t have to discard your precious pairs, however. You can try alternating them with flat shoes to give your body time to recover.

You don’t always have to walk with a book on your head to get good posture. Regular exercise and proper recovery can help. Use this guide on how to have good posture – not just to sit up straight – but to align your body and feel healthier overall.