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Receiving a job offer is one of the most affirming, confidence-boosting things that can happen to anyone. On top of that, it’s a huge relief, especially if you’re in a tight spot financially. However, don’t let that cloud your judgment and keep you from getting the best deal you can get. Remind your prospective employer that you know your worth by asking the following questions before signing anything.

1. What Will My Day-to-Day Look Like?

Are you honestly going to take a job offer without knowing what your daily schedule will look like? You’re committing eight hours a day, five days a week. You’ll want to ask if your workload will allow you to breathe. Consider how it will affect your commute, home situation, and even your .

2. How Will You Measure My Performance?

It's easy to get frustrated and demoralized at work if you have no measure of how well you’re doing. Part of knowing your worth is understanding how much (or how little) structure you’ll need to feel productive and . Clear and quantifiable goals and milestones will keep you motivated toward a goal and not just while away the hours.

3. Will I Be Able to Work Remotely?

Over the past couple of years, over sought remote work opportunities. If it’s important to you, don’t be afraid to bring it up with your prospective employer. Times have changed. Lifestyles have changed. It’s perfectly valid to ask about the possibility of working remotely and coming to a compromise that works for everyone.

4. What Benefits Do You Offer Employees?

, sick leave, maternity leave, allowances, and the like should be part of any contract. However, if you’re coming on board as a contractor, consultant, or any other position that’s not full-time, these may not be on the table. So, feel free to ask about them and make sure you’re clear on what you’re entitled to.

5. What Is Your Stance on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion?

Working in a progressive and inclusive workplace can do wonders for your disposition and mental . If you feel seen and heard by superiors and peers, you’re more likely to commit to your job and maybe even fall in love with it. Know your worth and ask about the company’s culture and be specific about what you want to know.

6. How Do Employees Give and Receive Feedback?

impacts productivity, self-esteem, and order. When a colleague or supervisor needs to vent frustrations and there’s no constructive outlet for them to do so, they will turn to whoever is willing to listen. A good workplace will have a feedback system to encourage everyone from the ground up to share opinions and ideas freely.

7. What Resources Will Be Available for Professional Development?

Good employers invest in their employees’ development. Yes, even if there's no guarantee they’ll stay in the company long enough to train the next person. Let your employer know that you know your worth and value your professional growth by asking if they have training or mentorship programs to help employees achieve their .

8. How Much Has the Company Grown in the Past Year?

The last thing you want to do is jump onto a sinking ship. Do your research, check the news, and ask about the company’s recent growth and plans. That said, if you find out the company is struggling, and you still feel like it’s worth a shot, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You’re allowed to take a leap and get all the experience you need.

9. How Often Are People Promoted?

You probably won’t get an answer to this one (if you even dare to ask), but there are ways to get the information you need. Ask your friends. Go to your network. Check LinkedIn. Join a company that has a growth plan for its employees and the means to follow through. If they don’t have a system in place, ask if they are open to discussing it before you join the company.

10. Is There Space to Grow Here?

comes in different shapes and forms. Whatever your vision of growth, you deserve to be in a space that has room for it. So don’t be afraid to ask and be honest about your goals. Any company worth your time will be upfront with you about the possibilities (and limitations) within their realm of control.

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When handed a shiny job offer, remind yourself that you know your worth before signing that contract. Asking the questions above will make you feel empowered and get you a better deal than if you hadn’t said anything. You won’t regret it. And if they make you feel bad for asking, frankly, you’re better off.