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When was the last time you had a check-up? According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the top reason people avoid seeing doctors is their low perceived need to seek medical care. But just because you feel okay doesn’t mean you are. A plane, after all, can still fly with one engine. Poor health leaves traces, and most of them can be seen in your physical appearance if you know where to look. 

Here are some physical signs that you may not be as 100% as you think. Remember that if these issues persist or become debilitating in any way, consult a doctor. 

You’re Shedding Hair at Nerve-Wracking Levels

Losing a few strands of hair — 50 to 100, based on the American Academy of Dermatology — daily is pretty standard. You can also anticipate hair fall when you’re encountering hormonal changes, like when you’ve just given birth, when your family has the bald gene, or as you age. 

To prepare for this expected hair loss, be diligent about using a strengthening shampoo. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo has a formula that can reduce excessive hair fall by up to 98%. Its Nutrilock actives also nourish hair, making it resilient against breakage and keeping it strong and beautiful.

But if your hair is dropping in clumps or you’re noticing that your locks are loose, this could be a sign of severe stress, a side effect of medication, or even an autoimmune disorder, like alopecia areata. Make sure to check with your physician if you’re losing hair at alarming levels.

Your Hair Is Dull and Limp

Bouncy hair gives your locks an overall healthier look.

Check your physical appearance. Is your hair looking flat? There are easy fixes to lank hair, including a new haircut, better styling techniques, and a product change. To breathe life back into your hair, Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner add 95% volume, giving your locks a fun, full bounce. Use the shampoo the usual way by massaging it into your scalp and rinsing it out. Then, follow it up with the conditioner, focusing on the ends. Make sure to wash it out all out after, too. This pair gives you volume without the bulk.

While limp hair isn’t usually a point of concern, it can indicate a poor diet. Make sure you’re eating your greens, taking your vitamins, and getting the right nutrition. Lacking the right kinds of food usually reflects in your physical appearance.

You Have Chronic Bad Breath

Just like Cady Heron, most of us have really bad breath in the morning. We produce less saliva when we sleep, which makes our mouth conducive to odor-causing bacteria. It’s nothing that a good toothpaste, like closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste, can’t fix. This power-packed tube comes with zinc mouthwash, silica, and fluoride to rid and protect your mouth from bacteria, strengthen your teeth, and freshen your breath.

But if your mouth still has an unsavory smell after brushing and flossing, then there might be other causes behind your bad breath. Halitosis could be a sign of oral infections, throat or sinus problems, or even acid reflux. 

You’re a Sweater (And Not the Cozy Kind)

Sweat and body odor are normal, but if you can’t control it with body wash or deodorant, then you should get yourself checked.

When you live in a humid country like the Philippines, perspiration is unsurprising. Sweat is nothing that the Rexona Women Natural Brightening Fresh Rose Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant can’t handle. It guards you against sweat and odor for 48 hours and has MotionSense technology that amps up the protection the more you move.

But if you experience hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating when you don’t just run a 10K, then you might want to get checked. John Hopkins Medicine states that this can be a sign of diabetes, thyrotoxicosis (a kind of hormonal imbalance), and neurologic syndromes.

Your Skin Is Super Thirsty

Take it from Dida Ritz, lotion up, girl! There are many causes of xerosis—including bathing in cold water—but the remedy for dry skin is usually simple. Try Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion. Its fast-absorbing formula has pure oat extract and micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly that nourish skin from within and restore smoothness.

But when your skin is becoming overly itchy or scaly, it might be an indication of a skin condition like eczema, a variation of dermatitis, or ichthyosis. Moreover, the American Academy of Dermatology says excessively dry skin can also be caused by thyroid disease, diabetes, kidney disease, or a nutritional deficiency. 

Make sure to mind your physical appearance. Limp hair or dry skin may seem like minor issues, but they could imply something serious. You can try the easy remedies above but have your handy health teleconsult hotline ready if you need to check with a physician.