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Romantic movies are nothing but huge lies. They make breakups look so easy, as if you could impulsively swap houses with a stranger in a foreign land and fall in love with a hot single dad hours after calling it quits with your ex, or have the memories of your past relationship erased. Hollywood never shows the sobbing-while-eating part, or how tanks your self-respect. Where is the relentless questioning of one’s worth and the crippling fear of being alone?

A , whether amicable or acrimonious, is messy and painful. But most of all, it brings up the very worst things you can ever think about yourself.

I lost the person who knows me best. They don’t think I’m worth the fight. Why am I so unlovable?

There’s nothing anyone can say that will stop the negative self-talk when you’re still grieving. But time is a great healer. Once you’re past the wallowing stage, these seemingly simple actions can help you find yourself again.

Lean on Your Inner Circle

While your post-breakup emotions are running high, foster with your closest friends and family. They can help remind you of the value of self-respect, offer you comfort, and lend a listening ear. Besides, they’re the only ones who can talk you out of getting a (regrettable) after a big breakup.

When you’re ready, hit your friends up for a chat. Just hearing their familiar voices can help take your mind off things. If you’re not ready to discuss your breakup, that’s okay, too. Ask your friends how their day has been, joke around, or make plans for the weekend together. A short conversation will be a welcome distraction from the pain of heartbreak.

Do Some Deep Reflective Work

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It can add a soft-focus filter on good memories and blur out the unsavory details. Psychologists call this phenomenon the , where bad memories fade much quicker than good ones. It’s not necessarily a human flaw, though. It’s just how your brain copes with trauma, which helps you to eventually move on.

You might miss your ex but know that you’re currently looking at the past with a nostalgia filter. How true is this fantasy you’re telling yourself?

Think back at all the potholes in your relationship that you might have missed. Did your ex repeatedly cross healthy relationship boundaries? Were they always there for you when you needed them? Focusing on what you can learn instead of what you’re missing, can help you bounce back from a and build up your self-respect.

Remember That Your Relationship Failed, But You Didn’t

It doesn’t matter who ended the relationship, a breakup always feels like a personal failure. However, it’s important to recognize that it isn’t a reflection of inadequacy.

Oftentimes, breakups occur because something in the relationship is no longer working, despite both parties’ efforts to fix the problem. You might think that you’re being dumped, and this hits your self-respect hard. But you'll soon realize that maybe the two of you simply weren’t compatible anymore.

Date Yourself

The quickest way to stop dwelling on what could’ve been is by creating new memories. Go on a if you’re an adventurous soul. Chill out at a cute coffee shop. Sign up for a . Think of it as an opportunity to rediscover your self-respect. You’ll come to find out how resilient and fun you truly are.

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Give Yourself Some Space to Recover

There will be good days when you’ll feel like you’re off to a promising start, but there will also be times when you’ll just want to curl up into a ball and hide. These bouts of emotional turbulence are normal. Because you can’t heal unless you feel everything – the highs and the lows.

Journal about your feelings, punch a pillow, or cry yourself to sleep if that’s what you need. When you’re done licking your wounds, take care of yourself physically and emotionally.

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Mourning the end of your relationship really stings. And honestly, the pain can linger a little longer than expected. However, it shouldn’t be a reason to lose your self-respect in the process. Trust that you will emerge from this anguish stronger and happier.